Making CPD easier

The RANZCOG CPD program has moved to an annual CPD cycle.”

The new cycle from 1 July 2022 will run for 18 months and be considered ‘transitional’ to enable Fellows and members to understand the new requirements and bring the CPD program into a calendar year cycle that is now required by the Medical Board of Australia. Please note the number of hours will not be increased during this transitional 18-month period and will remain as a minimum 50 hours a year as outlined in the table below.

Fellows and members will be required to record a minimum of 50 CPD hours each year, across the three domains, as outlined in the table below.

Total (hours)Educational activitiesOutcome measurement* (OM)Performance review (PR)*Remaining OM/PR*Remaining hours

*A revised allocation of hours for OM and PR has been introduced that will require a minimum of 50% (25 hours) across both domains with a minimum of 5 hours within each.


Requirements for all Fellows

Fellows practising on either a part-time or full-time basis must accrue a minimum of 150 CPD hours within the 3-year period (1/7/2019 – 30/6/2022). A minimum of 38 CPD hours must be accrued in each of the domains however,  due to the COVID-19 exemption applied to all Fellows and members during the current triennium, the minimum requirements in each domain have been reduced to 26 CPD hours.

For the new CPD cycle effective 1/7/22, the MBA has introduced a revised allocation of hours for Outcome Measure (OM) and Performance Review (PR) that will require an annual minimum of 50% (25 hours) across both domains with a minimum of 5 hours within each. The remaining hours can then be applied to either OM or PR.

These revised minimum hours requirements under OM and PR have also been applied for the remainder of the current Triennium (2019-2021) to help Fellows, particularly part-time, semi-retired and rural Fellows.Updates will be reflected in My.RANZCOG by end of October 2021.

The revised allocation of hours for COVID-19 exemptions, OM and PR are detailed in the table below.

DomainMinimum hours prior to COVID-19 exemptionRevised minimum hours (accounting for COVID-19 exemption and revised OM and PR hours)
Educational activities38 hours26 hours
Outcome measurement (OM)38 hours10 hours
Performance review (PR)38 hours10 hours
Remaining hours across OM and/or PRN/A32 hours
Remaining hours in any domain36 hours26 hours
Total150 hours104 hours

Please note, that Fellows who commenced their CPD program after 1 July 2019 will have their hours pro-rated accordingly in their CPD program.

Additional CPD requirements for subspecialists

All RANZCOG Subspecialists must accrue at least 70 of the 104 hours required over the three year period within their subspecialty area.

In addition to the 70 hour subspecialty requirement, CGO, CREI and CU subspecialists each have requirements as follows:

CGO (Certification in Gynaecological Oncology)
Participation in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings (MDT meetings) is mandatory for all CGO subspecialists (min. 20 hours).

Note: From 1 July 2022 it will be mandatory for all CGO subspecialists to participate in a minimum of 60 hours of Multidisciplinary Team Meetings (MDT meetings) each triennium, however you are encouraged to completed at least 30 hours participation in MDT between now and the end of the Triennium, 30 June 2022.

CREI (Certification in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility) and CU (Certification in Urogynaecology)
Subspecialty checklist required every triennium. Please note: no other subspecialties (CGO, CMFM & COGU) are required to complete a subspecialty checklist.

Still completing your triennium requirements?

Find information relating to our previous CPD triennium cycle to assist you to complete your triennium requirements and transition to our new annual cycle:


The professional development plan and annual conversation are tools to assist Fellows and members plan their future CPD areas for development.

This became a requirement from 1 July 2022.

Providing evidence of RANZCOG membership

I don’t have a current Fellowship Certificate

There are several documents available to you via Integrate:

The CPD Letter of Participation confirms your status with the College and that you are registered for a CPD program. It does not provide evidence that you are meeting your CPD requirements. This is available to download from your CPD Online portal at any time.

The CPD Statement of Hours summarises the number of CPD hours you have completed to date in your triennium. It provides information on whether you are on track to meet your CPD requirements. This is available to download from your CPD Online portal at any time.

The CPD Compliance Statement is formal confirmation that you have met all your CPD requirements for the most recent triennium. It is only available to download at the end of the triennium.

You can download CPD documents by logging in to Integrate and navigating to CPD Online.

If you are having trouble navigating CPD Online, please contact for assistance.

An external body won’t accept a CPD compliance statement

In this case, please contact the Membership team for assistance via or telephone on +613 9412 2908.

CPD hours and verification checks


5% of Fellows are randomly selected for a verification check of the CPD hours they have claimed. 

Overdue in competing hours and/or providing verification documents

Fellows in this category will be contacted regarding individual arrangements. It is recommended that you attempt to finalise your outstanding requirements as soon as you can. Once complete, you will be able to download a CPD Compliance Statement.  

Changes in circumstance

Periods of leave

If you have been absent from medical practice for a period greater than 6 months due to parental leave, ill health or other exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible for an exemption to be applied to your current CPD period.

Requests for exemptions can be made in writing to the Chair of the Continuing Professional Development Committee (CPD Committee). Proof of parental leave, ill health or exceptional circumstances must be provided.

The Chair of the CPD Committee will consider requests for exemptions of 6–12 months; requests greater than 12 months will be considered by the full CPD Committee.

Other exemption circumstances

Click through to the following resources if you require a CPD exemption due to overseas travel or retirement.


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We invite you to look for your question in our CPD FAQs before getting in touch with the CPD team.


If you have any questions please contact our CPD team:


15 February 2023