CPD affiliates in Australia

Who can join as a CPD affiliate in Australia?

If you’re a registered medical doctor with Ahpra, you can nominate RANZCOG as your CPD Home, to support your ongoing professional development needs in women’s health.

If you are an existing prevocational affiliate (PGY3 or above), you can also join the CPD Home — please see below for more information.

Are you PGY3 or above?

If yes, it’s important to note that starting from 1st January 2024, the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) requires doctors PGY3 and above to designate a CPD Home.

If you’re an intern, PGY2 in a formal training program, or PGY3+ in a specialist college training program, you do not need to apply for a CPD Home or participate in a CPD program as your professional development is taken care of in your training. 

What is a CPD Home?

A CPD home is an organisation accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) to provide CPD programs that support doctors to meet the new CPD Registration Standards.

CPD Homes support doctors to tailor CPD to their learning needs, and to help doctors track their CPD hours and activities. Doctors in Australia are required to undertake 50 CPD hours each year, split across a range of activities and three domains: Educational Activities (EA), Outcome Measurement (OM) and Performance Review (PR). 

Join the RANZCOG CPD Home

Prevocational affiliates are invited to join the RANZCOG CPD Home and participate in our CPD program. As a member of the program, you will have access to a wide range of benefits that will help you stay up to date with the latest developments in women’s health and enhance your professional skills.

The RANZCOG CPD program provides a supported pathway for junior doctors to develop their skills and knowledge in obstetrics and gynaecology, and provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience and work towards a fulfilling career in this field.  

Some of the benefits of participating in the RANZCOG CPD program include:

access to exclusive educational resources and training opportunities

access to the Prevocational Pathway (PVP) for a discounted fee of $250 (subject to eligibility requirements).

access to the CPD program, if already enrolled in the PVP for a discounted fee of $250

seamless mapping of Certificate of Women’s Health, Associate Training Program (Procedural), Associate Training Program (Advanced Procedural) and PVP to the CPD framework — the College will automatically log in your CPD profile any activities undertaken in your Certificate, Associate Training Programs (Procedural and Adv. Procedural)

opportunities to network and swap insights and experiences with other O&G medical professionals

ability to easily track and record your progress in the online CPD portal, with ongoing support from experienced RANZCOG staff

CPD requirements

Ongoing participation in the program as a CPD affiliate is contingent on accruing 50 CPD hours over a 12-month period, and payment of the annual participation fee (within one month of the new CPD cycle commencing).

Each cycle, your 50 CPD hours must be spread across three domains, as outlined in the table below.

Educational Activities (EA)13
Outcome Measures (OM)5
Performance Review (PR)5
Remaining hours across OM/PR16
Remaining hours across any domain (EA/OM/PR) 11
Total hours50

Want to learn more?

Please click the button below for more information on the RANZCOG CPD program and requirements that apply to all CPD participants.


Please note: ‘all other participants’ refers to: Associate Members, Educational Affiliates, and CPD affiliates (non-members) in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

CPD fees
CPD application and program fees (RANZCOG Fellows)
Included in membership fee
CPD application fee (CPD affiliates)
$425 inc GST
$484 inc GST
Submit with application
Additional cost of CPD program (all other participants)
$754 inc GST
$859 inc GST
Due annually
Additional cost of CPD program (Certificant, Associate (Procedural), Associate (Advanced Procedural))
$528 inc GST
$601 inc GST
Due annually

About your CPD application fee

The initial CPD application fee is payable at the time of submitting your form

The College will send you an invoice for the additional CPD program fee following approval of your application

Please note that this annual fee will be pro rata from the date of your application (see table below)

Following receipt of payment, the College will send you an email with information on your CPD program and requirements

Please note that the CPD team will be available to provide further guidance and advice.

Pro rata adjustments on your initial CPD program fee

On joining the RANZCOG CPD program, your first invoice for the annual CPD program fee will be adjusted pro rata according to your date of application


Applications to join the RANZCOG CPD Home are now open!


A CPD affiliate may cancel their enrolment to the CPD program. Refunds are provided as per the table below.

Week of CPD cycleRefund amount
1–26 weeks50% refund
27–39 weeks25% refund
40–52 weeks0% refund

For more information, please refer to the following document:


If you have any questions, please contact our CPD team:

Email: cpd@ranzcog.edu.au

20 February 2024