Policies and procedures directory

All policies and procedures

Academic misconduct policy and procedure
Additional support request policy
Advertising policy and procedure
Allowances payable for Board members, Councillors and Committee chairs policy and procedure
Appeals procedures: Reconsideration, review and appeal of decisions
Associate Members and Educational Affiliates CPD Requirements Policy and Procedures
Associate Members Pacific CPD Requirements Policy and Procedures
Attendance on RANZCOG committees policy
Board of examiners policy
Breastfeeding/Lactation in the Workplace Policy
Bullying, harassment and discrimination policy
Child and vulnerable people safeguarding policy
Code of conduct
College Staff and Member Engagement Charter
Consumer, community and other external representatives on RANZCOG Council and Committees policy
Complaints policy
Confidentiality Policy: Board, Council and Committees
Conflict of interest policy
CPD affiliates requirements policy and procedure
Deferral of training policy
Diversity and inclusion policy
Election of Associate Procedural Members and Certificants Committee members policy and procedure
Election of State and Territory Committee and Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku members policy and procedure
Election of RANZCOG Trainees’ Committee members policy and procedure
Election of RANZCOG Board policy and procedure
Election of RANZCOG Council members policy and procedure
Election of RANZCOG President policy and procedure
Election of representatives onto Subspecialty Committees policy and procedure
Endorsement policy and procedure
Examinations policy and procedure
Examinations verbal feedback policy
Exceptional circumstances and special consideration policy
Expense reimbursement
Fellowship review policy and procedure
FRANZCOG research requirement policy
FRANZCOG training and assessment documentation policy and procedure
Gender equity and diversity policy
Honours and awards policy and guidelines
Independent external reviewer policy
Intellectual property policy
Managing complaints against RANZCOG members guideline
Management of survey requests policy and procedure
Media policy
Parental and extended leave reduction in subscription fees policy and procedure
Prevention of fraud and corruption policy and procedure
Privacy policy
RANZCOG examinations emergency policy and procedure
RANZCOG joint statements policy and procedure
Recognition of prior learning policy (FRANZCOG and Subspecialty training programs)
Recording of assessments policy
Records retention and disposal policy and procedure
Reduction in subscription fees policy and procedure
Re-entry to practice and retraining policy
Reinstatement to the Register of Certificate Holders, Associates (Procedural) or Associates (Advanced Procedural) policy
Release of examination results policy
Removal from training program policy and procedure
Social media policy
Sponsorship policy and procedure
Subspecialties scholarly elective policy
Subspecialties training and assessment documentation policy and procedure
Tenure of appointment to RANZCOG Committees policy
Trainee in difficulty policy
Training and associated fees policy
Training program leave policy
Travel and accommodation policy and guideline
Whistleblower policy and procedure

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