Appeals Procedures

Reconsideration, Review and Appeal of Decisions

The College seeks to provide appropriate support to its trainees, SIMG applicants and members while also affording natural justice / procedural fairness in circumstances where an individual is dissatisfied with a College decision.  As such, there are a range of mechanisms available to individuals seeking to address a decision with which they are dissatisfied. Specifically:

Review; and

Formal Appeal.

Information in relation to each of these mechanisms is provided below.

The College’s special consideration, reconsideration, review and appeals processes are conducted in accordance with the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.  These processes are conducted confidentially; notification of outcomes is made only in accordance with the provisions of the applicable College policy/procedure.

The College recognises that some individuals may nevertheless be reluctant to seek reconsideration, review or formal appeal of a College decision, fearing adverse consequences for their future training or standing with the College. The College commits to fairness and impartiality in respect of any matter raised under the Exceptional Circumstances, Special Consideration & Reconsideration Policy and/or the RANZCOG Appeals Procedures. These policies serve to provide a mechanism by which any individual who is dissatisfied with a College decision can seek redress without fear of reprisal.
 If an individual has any concerns in relation to making application under these processes, they are encouraged to contact the Office of the Chief Executive Officer and/or refer to the College’s Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination Policy and Complaints Policy.


Where an individual remains dissatisfied with a College decision they are able to seek a review of the decision in accordance with the College’s Appeal Procedures. The review will be conducted by a separately constituted Review Committee, which will consider material available to the College, including in relation to adherence to College regulations, policies and procedures, as well as whether the principles of natural justice / procedural fairness were followed.

Any request for review must be made in writing to the College Chief Executive Officer within three (3) months of the date of the original decision.  There is no fee payable when seeking review of a College decision.

Formal Appeal

The final mechanism available to an individual who is dissatisfied with a College decision is formal appeal. 

The Appeals Committee is convened as required on a case-by-case basis and is the only College committee whose voting membership consists of a majority of non-College members.  Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final, being notified to the RANZCOG Board. 

The Appeals Committee will decide each appeal on its merits and is not bound by the rules of evidence and, subject to the rules of natural justice / procedural fairness, may inform itself on any matter and in such a manner as it thinks fit.

Pursuant to the College’s Appeals Procedures, formal appeals must be lodged in writing to the College Chief Executive Officer within six (6) months of the date of the original decision. An appeal fee is payable.

You can view the current fee for a formal appeal under Special Consideration, Reconsideration and Appeal Fees on the Fees page.