Doctors who are not Fellows of the College but have a postgraduate obstetrics and gynaecology qualification from a recognised institution can register to participate in the RANZCOG CPD program.
Participation as a non-member in the RANZCOG CPD program provides an opportunity for practitioners working in the speciality of obstetrics and gynaecology to enhance their knowledge and skills in the pursuit of excellence in women’s health.
The RANZCOG CPD program is designed to facilitate continuing training, lifelong learning and practice review by providing a CPD framework that aligns with the Medical Board of Australia’s (MBA) Professional Performance Framework (PPF) and the Medical Council of New Zealand’s (MCNZ) Recertification Requirements (RR), which support the strengthening of CPD programs.
The program offers guidance in planning education pathways and clinical practice improvement best suited to their professional needs and interests.


Non-members must complete the same CPD requirements as RANZCOG Fellows, depending on the participant’s scope of practice.

Ongoing participation to RANZCOG CPD as a non-member is contingent on accruing 50 Professional Development (CPD) hours over a 12-month period, and payment of the non-member yearly CPD participation fee (within one month of the new yearly cycle commencing).

Within the total 50 hours, the following requirements must also be met:

Total (hours)Educational activitiesOutcome measurement* (OM)Performance review (PR)Remaining OM/PR*Remaining hours


The professional development plan and annual conversation are tools to assist you to plan your future CPD areas for development. This becomes a requirement from 1 July 2022.


CPD fees
Associate member CPD application fee
$394 inc GST
$445 inc GST
Submit with application
Educational affiliate CPD application fee
$394 inc GST
$445 inc GST
Submit with application
Non-member CPD Application Fee
$394 inc GST
$445 inc GST
Submit with application
Additional cost of CPD program
$699 inc GST
$790 inc GST
Due 1 July annually


To participate in the RANZCOG CPD program for non-members, please complete the relevant application form below, and pay the application fee.

Upon approval of your application, pay the annual CPD Program fee.

If registered with MCNZ and residing in New Zealand, please complete the New Zealand non-Member Participation Application Form

If registered with AHPRA, and residing in Australia please complete the Australian non-member Participation Application Form


We invite you to look for your question in our CPD FAQs before getting in touch with the CPD team.


If you have any questions please contact our CPD team: