Reconciliation Action Plan

RANZCOG is proud to launch our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan for 2024-2026.

Our Vision for Reconciliation

RANZCOG’s vision for reconciliation is one where First Nations peoples and communities are respected, valued, and have equitable access to healthcare, opportunities, and resources. Where the unique cultures, languages and histories of First Nations peoples are celebrated and preserved and where the harms of colonisation and systemic racism are acknowledged and addressed.

RANZCOG believes that true reconciliation can only be achieved through meaningful partnerships and collaboration between First Nations and non-Indigenous peoples, and this includes recognising and respecting the inherent rights of First Nations peoples including their right to self-determination and working together to build an equitable society.

We recognise that reconciliation is an ongoing and shared journey that requires a sustained effort and commitment from all College members, trainees and staff. We are committed to proactively examining and dismantling the barriers and structures that exist and acting to address the impacts of colonisation and systemic racism to enable inclusivity, and positive change for First Nations peoples.

Our vision is one where First Nations and non-Indigenous peoples can walk together on a path towards reconciliation and healing.

Our Commitment to Reconciliation

We recognise our responsibility to reconciliation and creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Our commitment to reconciliation is reflected in four key pillars of the Reconciliation Action Plan:


Relationships: Building genuine and meaningful relationships with First Nations community, elders, suppliers and stakeholders based on trust, mutual respect, and collaboration.


Respect: Fostering an environment where First Nations cultures, languages, and perspectives are valued and celebrated.


Opportunities: Creating opportunities for First Nations peoples to access education, training, employment, and leadership roles within our college.


Governance: Taking concrete actions to redress the legacy of colonisation that exists within the fabric and structure of our organisation.

Get involved

Reconciliation is a collective effort that requires the participation and commitment of everyone in our college community. There are many ways to get involved and contribute to our reconciliation journey, including:

Participating in cultural events, workshops, and learning opportunities

Supporting First Nations-led initiatives

Advocating for First Nations rights and social justice

Examining self-biases related to First Nations peoples and seeking out education to be better informed on First Nations history

Engaging in strengths-based dialogue and building relationships with First Nations peoples and community

Launch event

RANZCOG proudly launched its Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan on Thursday 7 March 2024. 

The milestone event was marked by a moving Welcome to Country by Uncle Mark and Uncle Shayne from the Bunurong Land Council.

President Dr Gillian Gibson; Dr Jared Watts, Chair of the Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group; Dr Marylin Clarke, Chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Health Committee and proud Worimi woman; and Reconciliation Action Plan artist Megan Van Den Berg of Kinya Lerrk, presented to College members, staff and invited guests.

Contact us

For more information about our College Reconciliation Action Plan, First Nations projects or to get involved, please contact the Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Team:


9 April 2024