Request to survey our membership

Each year the College receives numerous requests to survey the RANZCOG membership. Only a small number of these applications are approved as RANZCOG is mindful to not overburden the membership, and ensure that each survey is appropriate and relevant for the RANZCOG membership.

The Continual Professional Development (CPD) Committee review requests from other medical Colleges and external third parties for the College to facilitate the distribution of surveys.

Evaluation criteria

When evaluating your request to survey our membership, the following are taken into consideration:

The purpose of the survey

The length of the survey

Construction of survey and how it works, should the questions become specific to various group types

Survey is appropriate for the RANZCOG membership

The survey topic is relevant to the Fellowship and/or the wider public

The survey topic is an important issue

The dissemination of the survey is practical

There is limited data already on the topic

Potential results of the survey hold benefits for women’s health consumers

The quality of the survey’s presentation is of a sufficiently high standard

The appropriate membership target group is surveyed

The potential outcome of the survey does not place the College at risk

The survey has ethics approval

The survey results are made available to RANZCOG within a timely manner


Please take some time to review and understand the policy that governs survey requests, before submitting your application.


Before submitting your application, please read through the application process steps:


Submit your request to survey the membership to the CPD unit via an online application form (below) with all supporting documentation. Please note that the cost for submission is AU$120 plus GST.


The survey is considered by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee Chair and Deputy Chair for review and approval.


If the survey requires full committee approval, the application will be considered at the next face-to-face meeting of the CPD committee.


We will communicate the outcome of your survey application, be it approved, conditionally approved subject to minor changes, or not approved.


If the survey is approved for distribution, we will ask you to complete a declaration form and pay a distribution fee of AU$700 plus GST.


The survey will be forwarded to our Communications and Public Affairs team to schedule distribution (the survey may be distributed up to 12 months after approval, or 24 months after for trainee research projects; please check with the CPD team for further details and timelines).


Immediately prior to distribution, the CPD team will check the survey to ensure that the survey content has not changed from the approved version. Any changes (including minor wording edits) must be approved by the CPD Committee Chair. Changes made to the survey may delay distribution times if they have not been submitted for prior approval.


The following resources may assist you in considering whether to apply to survey our membership:

Survey invitation tool (provides guidance to help you develop an invitation email for your survey)


If you have any questions please contact our CPD team:


13 October 2023