How to get involved

Working with others, College members can offer education, clinical skills, research mentorship, and practical support in a financial way, to improve women’s and family health across the globe. 

Some pathways are as follows:

Join the RANZCOG Asia Pacific International Development (RAPID) network.

To access the RAPID network, go to CLIMATE  and log into RAPID network with your username and password, under Other.

The RAPID network has been set up to:

  • Link those with an interest in global health development, including younger members;
  • Share news about recent activities and achievements;
  • Request or offer services, equipment or other assistance;
  • Provide and advertise global health development work opportunities - both paid and voluntary assignments;
  • Share links to useful resources, videos, educational tools;
  • Provide a forum to enable young O&G specialists and trainees in the Pacific island countries to seek a clinical, education or research mentor.

Current opportunities

Volunteer O&G position in Solomon Islands in 2019 and 2020

The Australian Volunteers Program is recruiting a Senior Registrar and Intern Supervisor – O&G for the Solomon Islands. This position is part of the Solomon Islands Graduate Internship and Supervision Support Project (SIGISSP). Applications are being accepted for assignments starting in the second half of 2019 and August 2020.

Please direct any queries to Stephanie Levy at Australian Volunteers International.

Make contact with Volunteer Organisations, to see what programs or opportunities they have available

Some recognised volunteer organisations are listed here

Read and prepare yourself

Trainees can read guidelines outlining the College’s requirements and processes for FRANZCOG Training in Resource Limited Settings (Overseas).

The MJA: A guide to working abroad for Australian medical students and junior doctors (PDF) was published in the Medical Journal of Australia in 2011 as an initiative between the AMA and the AMA Council of Doctors-in-Training. The Guide contains useful practice advice for those considering working abroad.

Seek information from colleagues in the country you're interested in visiting for local knowledge and advice.

Visit the Australian Government Smart Traveller website at or the New Zealand Government Safe Travel website at

Contribute a story of your recent experience

Contribute your recent experience from your time in a developing country to our Volunteer Diaries and read the Volunteer Diary stories of others. Volunteer Diaries are routinely published in the College’s O&G magazine and are retained on the RAPID webpage in CLIMATE for later reference. New volunteer diary contributions are always welcome!

Please contact Carolyn Poljski, Senior Coordinator, Global Health Unit, on [email protected]

Provide a financial donation

By making a financial donation to RANZCOG you contribute to the work of the College in providing training, professional development, scholarships and practical assistance to reproductive health colleagues practising in regional areas where the College contributes to educational and training programs.

To provide a financial donation go to my.ranzcog.

Consider donating your surplus superseded equipment and goods

The Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific (AFAP) accepts good quality equipment in good working condition, with user manuals.
Rotary Donations In Kind (DIK) accepts medical equipment.


RANZCOG is not responsible for any program unless specifically undertaken by RANZCOG. Programs published or advertised are the responsibility of their respective organisers. Interested Fellows/members/trainees should seek information from the contacts provided directly and should inform themselves of current governmental travel advisories, through or as indicated above.

More information

Global Health Unit
Phone: +61 03 9412 2926
Email: [email protected]

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