A ‘Feedback for Trainees’ module is available on Climate.  The module is for all trainees, training supervisors and consultants and explains the importance of feedback in a trainee's learning journey within the many training programs of RANZCOG. 

The module explores what is meant by feedback, ways feedback can be given as well as what to do with feedback; particularly if that feedback does not reflect how you as a trainee perceive how you are actually performing in the training program. 

The module will also look at how trainees can incorporate feedback into their day-to-day practice to continue professional growth. 

There are CPD points available at completion of this module.


Operating with Respect

The ‘Operating with Respect’ module developed by The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) is now available to all RANZCOG trainees and Fellows. To access this module please visit Climate.

The aim of this module is to help our fellows and trainees improve their knowledge and understanding of unacceptable behaviours, enabling them to recognise when they occur and the adverse impact they have on individuals, team performance and patient safety.

There are CPD points available at completion of this module.


Medicine is a demanding profession, making the wellbeing and support of doctors, especially those newly commencing their career trajectory, of significant importance. To assist all trainees, RANZCOG has developed a Mentoring Program. 

Its purpose is to support the development of positive mentoring relationships by providing a formalised structure through which best practice can be realised.  

The aim of the RANZCOG mentoring program is to provide a supportive and safe structure that enables the development of people as skilled clinicians, ethical professionals and integrated persons whilst sustaining the trainee in their learning journey.

The RANZCOG Mentoring Program objectives are as follows:
  1. ensure trainee welfare, support and safety
  2. provide access to an enabling relationship based on individual needs
  3. ensure that knowledge and skill development opportunities are identified and fostered for the benefit of both the individual and the organisation 
  4. enhance the performance and development of professional knowledge and skills of all clinicians who participate
  5. promote career development principles

This thriving and impactful Mentoring Program will be available to all RANZCOG members and trainees soon.  



More information


Carly Moorfield
Senior Coordinator, Trainee Liaison
Email[email protected]
Phone: 0429 577 302




Dr Pieter Mourik (AM)

Being recognised in the Australia Day honours was a highlight for this rural medicine advocate.



RANZCOG urges all practitioners to help pregnant women get vaccinated

RANZCOG urges all practitioners to heed the advice issued by RANZCOG and ATAGI which recommends that pregnant women are routinely offered Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine at any stage of pregnancy.



EOI: eLearning content reviewers

As women’s healthcare evolves rapidly, RANZCOG is keen to ensure its eLearning programs and modules meet member expectations and education standards.