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RPL applications for trainees selected to commence training in February 2022 (13 September 2021)
COVID-19 impact for FRANZCOG training (30 August 2021)
Ultrasound Workshops
Failure to meet Training Requierments 6MA
Re-watch: webinar on preparing for exams
Statement of Understanding
Trainee Support Plan (TSP)
Assessment of Procedural & Surgical Skills (APSS)
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RPL applications for trainees selected to commence training in February 2022

Trainees who have been selected for the FRANZCOG Training Program and have obtained an accredited first year training position may be eligible to apply to have some previous experience or training to be recognised toward the specialist training program – subject to the approval of the RANZCOG RPL Assessment Subcommittee. Only trainees who fit one of the four categories specified are eligible for RPL.

RPL applications must be submitted as soon as possible after the trainee has accepted a place in the FRANZCOG Training Program and before commencement of training.

The deadline for RPL applications for trainees selected to commence training in February 2022 is 8 October 2021.

For information on how to apply, contact FRANZCOG Training Services at [email protected].

RANZCOG Recognition of Prior Learning (RLP) Policy (PDF)
RANZCOG Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application form (PDF)

COVID-19 impact for FRANZCOG training

30 August 2021

With the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and in some instances lockdowns across Australia and New Zealand, the College recognises that trainees’ ability to meet training requirements may be impacted depending on their geographical location.   

RANZCOG acknowledges that the content of training may be altered in the current training environment. Many sites may see a reduction in elective procedures; however, we expect that training in obstetrics and emergency gynaecology will continue unaffected.

Be reassured that we are putting in place mechanisms to minimise disadvantage to trainees wherever possible in the current circumstances.

We encourage you to contact your RANZCOG State, Territory and/or New Zealand office where you feel progression may be impacted, outlining individual circumstances for consideration by the Training Accreditation Committee Chair. 


RANZCOG examinations will proceed as scheduled. All oral examinations are conducted online using web conferencing technology. The College has scheduled two additional sittings for the FRANZCOG oral examination, including the introduction of a prioritisation criteria to ensure candidates can be accommodated.  With regards to the written examination, the College has established contingency plans to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions in response to individual jurisdiction health guidelines. Given restrictions can change at short notice, the College will communicate with impacted candidates in a timely manner. Candidates are encouraged to visit this page for up-to-date information.  

Ask a question

Your regional office contacts are listed on the right of this page (or below if viewing on smart devices).

For further training related information or queries please contact [email protected].

For examination-related information or queries please contact [email protected].

Ultrasound Workshops

Trainees are currently required to complete an Ultrasound workshop within the first 92 weeks of training. Since RANZCOG can no longer offer its own ultrasound course, and access to external courses has been limited due to COVID, the College will be extending the timeframe for completion to 184 weeks (end of Fourth Year) under a blanket rule.

Failure to meet Training Requirements 6MA

To address an otherwise ‘Satisfactory’ Six-Monthly Summative Assessment the RANZCOG Board has approved that the loss of credit for failing to meet a requirement by the stipulated due date would not impact on the assessment.

To facilitate this change there is a new section in My.RANZCOG Six-Monthly Summative Assessment Report that will calculate the unaccredited time for any training/assessment requirements that are completed after the due date.

The changes have been made to My.RANZCOG and came into effect at the end of Semester 1, 2021.

Reach out to your State and Territory/New Zealand office for more information.

Statement of Understanding

The Statement of Understanding (SoU) that is signed by FRANZCOG Trainees on commencement of training has been reviewed and updated. The new Statement of Understanding, effective from 2022, will now be signed annually and inked to the prospective approval.

Training Support Plan (TSP)

The Trainee Support Plan (TSP) was an initiative approved in July 2020, following the approval to increase extended leave from 2 to 3 years in the FRANZCOG Training Program. The TSP does not replace the Learning Development Plan. Find out more on the RANZCOG website.

Assessment of Procedural & Surgical Skills (APSS)

As part of the training curriculum, trainees' performance of key O&G surgical procedures must be assessed. The assessment process is administered through the Training Programs section of the College.

The list of the specific procedural and surgical skills to be assessed, and the relevant deadlines, can be found in the FRANZCOG Curriculum

Trainees who commenced in the training program after 1 December 2013 can also check their requirements and training deadlines in My.RANZCOG on the Requirements Progress Summary page. 

Trainees are encouraged to check that they are using the current APSS forms, available on the RANZCOG website.

Training contacts

Any time you have any questions about your training, get in touch with your local office as your first port of call. These pages include a contact link for your local trainee representative.

New Zealand
Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
South Australia and Northern Territory
Victoria and Tasmania
Western Australia

FRANZCOG Training (College Place) 
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FRANZCOG Trainee Selection 
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Hospital Accreditation 
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Workshops and Courses 
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Trainee Support
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