Training Updates

From the Dean of Education

It is stating the obvious that the 2020 training year had its special challenges. From my perspective as a clinician working with the College education staff, much has been achieved during this year. The paramount achievement has been moving to online selection and examinations for all training programs. All staff and volunteering Fellows should be congratulated. Working with Tal Jacobson (Chair, Examination and Assessment Committee), the examination co-ordinators and examiners, their achievements have been extraordinary.

FRANZCOG trainees will see the implementation of many new initiatives in the 2021 training year – much of it inspired by the Trainees’ Committee, ably lead by the Chair, Trish Vosdoganes. Significant initiatives include changes to Extended Leave of Absence and revisions to Ultrasound Training. The Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation Project Group reporting to the Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) have developed a new framework and revised the standards for FRANZCOG Hospital Accreditation. The aim of the framework is to make the process more adaptable to the needs of trainees via increasing hospital compliance with training requirements in gynaecological surgery, ultrasound and family planning.

I hope that all trainees can look forward to a more normal year in 2021 and one which marks the beginning of a significant advancements in the FRANZCOG Training Program.

Professor Michael Permezel
Dean of Education


News and updates

NZ rotations and 2021 PAs
Increased Extended Leave
2021 FRANZCOG examinations 
Landmark Clinical Trial papers for FRANZCOG
Failure to submit formative appraisals and summative assessments 
Research Study Requirements 
NEW! Research ToolKit
Additional Requirements compliance
Changes to annual training fees
CPD for elevating trainees
Prevocational Pathway applications are open
Trainee representatives

NZ Rotations and 2021 PAs

In line with changes implemented by the New Zealand DHBs, RANZCOG has altered the FRANZCOG Training year dates accordingly. View the amended semester dates and other relevant information.

System changes to My.RANZCOG are now live and NZ trainees may submit prospective approval forms as appropriate.
2 February 2021

Increased extended leave

To provide greater flexibility for trainees to consider family planning as well as to allow for unforeseen circumstances such as serious illness, carer obligations, and/or overseas opportunities outside of training, the currently allowed maximum of 104 weeks (two years) Extended Leave has been increased to a maximum 156 weeks (three years).

To reduce the impact of deskilling following any period of Extended Leave at or greater than 104 weeks consecutively, a mandatory period of 10 weeks (FTE) prospectively approved training must be satisfactorily assessed prior to approval of any further Extended Leave. To support this process a return to training plan will be introduced to support re-entry to training following a period of extended leave.

Regulation changes relating to Extended Leave came into effect 1 December 2020.
2 February 2021

2021 FRANZCOG Examinations

RANZCOG will conduct one further Written Examination for FRANZCOG trainees in 2021:
  • 19 July
Candidates will access the examination at local examination centres with increased venues, as has been the case in 2020.

There will be four Oral Examinations for FRANZCOG trainees in 2021: 
  • 18 April (applications now closed)
  • 20 June (applications now closed)
  • 10 October
  • 5 December
Applications for the October and December exminations open 1 March 2021.

The FRANZCOG Oral Examinations in 2021 will be held online via Zoom.

Information relating to applications, deadlines, and exam edtails are available on the FRANZCOG Examination page. For exam specific queries please email: [email protected]

Landmark Clinical Trial papers for FRANZCOG

A revised list of Landmark Clinical Trial papers has been reviewed and will be updated in January/February 2021. The revised list as on CLIMATE, will not be examinable for the January 2021 FRANZCOG Written Examination.

Failure to submit appraisals and assessments

The following has been approved by the RANZCOG Board and has been implemented: 
  • Three-monthly formative Appraisals - If a trainee fails to submit a Three-monthly Formative Appraisal by the stipulated deadline, the relevant three-month training period will not be credited.
  • Six-Monthly Summative Assessments - If a trainee fails to submit a Six-monthly Summative Assessment Report and Clinical Training Summary within six (6) weeks of the end of the relevant training period, the relevant six- month training period will  automatically be assessed as ‘Not Satisfactory’. The trainee will be advised of this by the relevant Training Accreditation Committee.  Should there be a second failure to submit a Six-monthly Summative Assessment Report and Clinical Training Summary within the stipulated timeframe, they will be recommended for removal from the training program. 
(Regulation reference B/C & 2, B/C 2.1.1)
2 February 2021

Research Study Requirements

Points-based research study (Regulation B.8)

The Research Skills Workshop has been replaced by The Research Toolkit.  Successful completion of the Research Toolkit Module will accrue one (1) point (Regulation B.8.3.1).  Trainees must submit the Certificate of Completion via My.RANZCOG > Additional Requirements > Submission or Approval of Research Proposal for the point to be awarded.  

Mandatory documentation
Please refer to the Notification of Research Activity form (Points-based research study stream) and Research Project Submission form (Research Project stream) for the mandatory documentation which must be submitted for assessment/verification.  If all required documentation is not submitted, your submission may be rejected. The forms are downloaded from the College website  

NEW! Research ToolKit

The Research Toolkit replaces the Research Skills Workshop. The Toolkit is available to all RANZCOG Members but is specifically designed for trainees. Successful completion of the Research Skills Module contained within the Toolkit will accrue one point in the Points based Research Study stream of the FRANZCOG Training Program.
2 February 2021

Additional Requirements compliance

To assist with mandatory compliance checks of Additional Requirements submissions, please ensure documents are completed correctly.

For example, the following APSS requirements must be completed correctly for it to be approved: 
  • Trainee name
  • Training Supervisor name
  • Assessment date
  • Procedure being assessed
  • All assessment criteria have been scored
  • Final assessment type is indicated (formative or summative)
  • Summative outcome is indicated (satisfactory)
  • Assessor name, signature, and date
  • Training Supervisor name, signature, and date (if different from assessor)
  • Trainee signature

If information is missing, incorrect or incomplete, the APSS will need to be resubmitted once completed correctly.

To ensure compliance and approval of the Neonatal Resuscitation Mandatory Workshop, please include a sign off sheet. If the sign off sheet is not included, the submission will be returned and will need to be resubmitted.
2 February 2021

Changes to Training Fees

Rates payable for Annual Training Fees (ATF) have been updated and will be applied where appropriate from 2021 onwards.

Fees payable will be charged according to time in training in the relevant training year. The following discount will be applied for approved period(s) of Extended Leave of Absence:
  • 0 weeks – 25% of the Annual Training Fee
  • 1 – 26 weeks (FTE) – 50% of the Annual Training Fee 
  • 27 - 29 weeks (FTE) - 75% of the Annual Training Fee
  • 40 – 52 weeks (FTE) – 100% of the Annual Training Fee

Trainees are reminded that they must be financial whether in training or on extended leave. Trainees who are unfinancial are not be eligible to sit examinations and/or return to training from extended leave until their ATF is paid.

All fee related queries can be directed to [email protected].
2 February 2021

CPD for elevating trainees

Once you have completed your training requirements and received notification from the RANZCOG Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) that you have been approved for certification as a Fellow, you will receive a letter outlining your Fellowship date. You are required to begin meeting CPD requirements from the date of Fellowship, however will not be able to access the online CPD portal until you have met all administrative requirements and finalised your elevation to Fellowship.

Please note: If you have any delays in finalising your elevation to Fellowship, you must still be completing CPD activities during that time as your CPD start date will be back dated to match your Fellowship date, as awarded to you by the TAC. You can view information about the RANZCOG Fellowship CPD Requirements on the CPD page.
2 February 2021

Prevocational Pathway applications are open

Do you know someone who is interested in becoming an O&G specialist? The Prevocational Pathway is an online course focusing on foundation-level obstetrics and gynaecological skills to help prevocational doctors prepare for entry into the FRANZCOG Training Program. Visit the PVP page for more information or email: [email protected]
2 February 2021

Trainee representatives

Meet your representatives on the RANZCOG Trainees’ Committee:

Trainee Representatives


Training contacts

Any time you have any questions about your training, get in touch with your local office as your first port of call. These pages include a contact link for your local trainee representative.

New Zealand
Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
South Australia and Northern Territory
Victoria and Tasmania
Western Australia

FRANZCOG Training (College House) 
[email protected]

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FRANZCOG Trainee Selection 
[email protected]

Hospital Accreditation 
[email protected]

Trainee Support
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