Specialist Training

The Fellowship of RANZCOG (FRANZCOG) training program is the only means through which a medical practitioner in Australia or New Zealand can become a specialist obstetrician / gynaecologist.

FRANZCOG Training Program

The specialist training program comprises the Basic Training Program (4 years or 184 weeks), and the Advanced Training Program (a further 2 years or 92 weeks), which culminates in Fellowship of the College (FRANZCOG). Trainees cannot progress to Advanced training until they have satisfactorily completed all Basic training requirements. Fellowship training involves six years (276 weeks) of postgraduate hospital-based training and assessment. 

To apply for the Specialist O&G training program in Australia or New Zealand, medical practitioners must possess an approved Australian or New Zealand primary medical degree, or have the Australian Medical Council certificate (for applicants in Australia), or be a graduate of a Medical School recognised by the New Zealand Medical Council (for applicants in New Zealand). Medical practitioners must also have general registration with the Medical Board of Australia or the Medical Council of New Zealand.

For more information regarding the FRANZCOG Training Program please refer to the FRANZCOG Training Handbook.

Basic Training Program

The four year (184 weeks) Basic Training Program includes the following:

  • Rotation through a minimum of two different hospitals, with at least 46 weeks in a hospital other than that designated as the trainee’s ‘home’ or ‘base’ hospital and 23 weeks in a rural hospital.
  • Logged clinical work in obstetrics and gynaecology resulting in attainment of prescribed competency levels in specified procedures
  • Utilising the resources of CLIMATE, the RANZCOG e-learning platform
  • Formative and summative assessments, including three-monthly appraisals and six-monthly assessment reports
  • Experience in gynaecological oncology

Advanced Training Program

The Advanced Training Program follows the Basic Training Program. It comprises the final two years (92 weeks) of the FRANZCOG Training Program. Trainees entering the Advanced Training Program are required to submit a plan each year which is designed to meet their own educational needs. 

Apply: FRANZCOG Selection Process

For information on eligibility, submission deadlines and how to complete the online application process, visit Apply for FRANZCOG Training.


Visit Annual Fees for current fees associated with completing the FRANZCOG training program.


Current FRANZCOG Trainees


Curriculum & Handbook

The FRANZCOG Training Curriculum & Handbook contain information about completing FRANZCOG training and assessment.

Constitution & Regulations

The RANZCOG Constitution outlines the principles according to which RANZCOG is governed, and the RANZCOG Regulations guide the conduct and management of the College. Click below to read both documents.

RANZCOG Constitution & Regulations

Training & Assessments

Visit the Training & Assessments resource hub for completion and documentation of FRANZCOG training requirements.


For information on Examinations for the FRANZCOG training program, visit Examinations.

Training information (including Trainee email)

Visit the Training Information hub for those currently undertaking FRANZCOG training - including accessing your Trainee email account.


Visit Hospitals for further information on FRANZCOG accredited training sites, site accreditation or re-accreditation, and funding opportunities.

Supervisors & Coordinators

Training Supervisors and Integrated Training Program (ITP) Coordinators can visit the Supervisors & Coordinators page for information and documentation relating to Supervising a FRANZCOG Trainee.

Training Resources & Support

The Training Resources page includes a range of information and documentation not only for FRANZCOG Trainees, but the Supervisors and other medical professionals involved in their training.

Training Support Unit

The Training Support Unit has been set up for trainees experiencing professional or personal difficulty during their training. Trainees are encouraged to contact the TSU in times of stress, anxiety or poor health.

​Policies & Procedures

Please use the Policies & Procedures search tool for locating up-to-date policies covering a wide range of topics including (but not limited to) the Conflict of Interest Policy, the Exceptional Circumstances, Special Consideration and Reconsideration Policy and Procedure, and the Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace Policy.

More information

Current and prospective trainees for the FRANZCOG Basic and Advanced Training Programs can contact:

FRANZCOG Training Services
Email: [email protected]



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