Associate Training Program (Procedural) (PTP)

The RANZCOG Certificate and Procedural vocational training programs equip medical practitioners to deliver high-quality women’s health services across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.


The RANZCOG Associate Training Program (Procedural) (PTP) builds on the skills developed through the Certificate of Women’s Health. It’s intended for medical professionals with a special interest in hospital-based obstetrics and gynaecology.

The PTP can be undertaken on its own, or in combination with the Certificate of Women’s Health (CWH) and/or the Advanced Procedural Training Program (APTP).

Following the successful completion of the PTP, you will be qualified to safely undertake non-complex deliveries, and perform basic gynaecological procedures. 

Course content

Please refer to the Training Program Handbook and Curriculum for more information on the PTP.

Training requirements

To receive the RANZCOG Associate Training Program (Procedural), you must satisfactorily complete all requirements outlined below within two years of commencement of training, or within four years if completing two or more programs simultaneously.


Logbook requirements to be approved by your training supervisor

Record of in-training skills, training experience, clinical procedures, workplace-based assessments (WBAs) and workshop completion 

Detailed instructions on how to document and submit your training documentation can be found in the following:

Workplace-based assessment (WBA)

A WBA is an evaluation of your clinical skills during a normal working day. During a patient encounter or procedure, your training mentor will assess your performance against the standards described for each criterion.

The PTP WBAs are:

Low Instrumental Delivery

Episiotomy/Vaginal/Perineal Tear Repair

Labour and Delivery

Dilatation and Curettage

Examination of a Neonate

Trainees commencing AFTER 1 July 2023 are required to complete WBAs in Integrate and submit them as part of the online logbook 

Trainees commencing BEFORE 1 July 2023 are required to download the WBA forms in Integrate under “Resources” and submit them as PDFs with the logbook to Certificate and Procedural Training Programs at


Certificates of Completion to be uploaded in the logbook for the following:

Management of Obstetric Emergencies

CPR of a Pregnant Woman

Neonatal Resuscitation

Fetal Surveillance Education Program (FSEP)

Face-to-face workshop is mandatory for trainees commencing after 1 January 2022

Certificate of attendance and FSEP test score letter must be submitted with your logbook

The FSEP assessment is undertaken on completion of the FSEP program and trainees must score >76% (level 3)


Please visit Certificate and Associate Procedural examinations for information and resources relating to the examination, including registration open and closing dates 

Trainee feedback questionnaire

This is a confidential, compulsory questionnaire that you submit to the College at the completion of the Associate Training Program (Procedural) — it’s not for assessment purposes.

The questionnaire assesses the training hospitals, rather than individuals within hospitals, so that future training can be modified and improved. The questionnaire asks you to rate and comment on various aspects of your training, including the standard of supervision and clinical experience.

Trainees may submit the questionnaire anonymously, if preferred

Questionnaire responses are collated by the Conjoint Committee for Associate Procedural Training (CCAPT)

The PTP/APTP Feedback Questionnaire is available to download in Integrate under “Resources”


The five online modules provide access to a range of dynamic resources and learning tasks. Each module is mapped to the curriculum, with clearly stated learning outcomes.

Trainees can access and complete the modules in any order, and at their own pace, via the RANZCOG e-learning system, Acquire.

The subject areas for each module are as follows:

PTP1: Basic skills

Quality assurance methodology and practice

Documentation and coding practices

PTP2: Antenatal care

Complications in pregnancy

Pregnancy-induced disorders

Pregnancy in women with pre-existing medical conditions

PTP3: Labour

Normal labour and delivery

Complications in labour

PTP4: Postnatal and neonatal care

Examination of a neonate

Jaundice in a neonate

Neonatal resuscitation

Problems of the puerperium

PTP5: Procedural gynaecology

Termination of pregnancy


Marsupialisation of Bartholin’s cysts/abscesses


Please note that the training and examination fees are payable in Australian dollars (AUD), and are not subject to Australian GST.

The College will send you instructions for payment via email.

Certificate and Associate (Procedural) training— one program (CWH, PTP or APTP)
One-time course fee
Certificate and Associate (Procedural) training — two programs (CWH + PTP or PTP + APTP)
One-time course fee
Certificate and Associate (Procedural) training— three programs (CWH + PTP + APTP)
One-time course fee
CWH upgrade to PTP Written Examination
Payable when registration confirmed
PTP Written Examination
Payable when registration confirmed


To apply for your certification of PTP, you must:


Satisfactorily complete all training and assessment requirements (including all Certificate of Women’s Health requirements).


Complete the following form:

Training sites

For more information on RANZCOG training hospitals, including a full list of accredited sites in each state, please follow the link below to our Training Sites page.

Training supervisors

If you’re a current or prospective training mentor or supervisor looking for information or support, please follow the link below to our Training Supervisors page.


Member wellbeing

A range of member wellbeing services are available to trainees experiencing professional or personal difficulty during training. The College encourages you to access these supports in times of stress, anxiety or poor health.

For more information, please click to expand the sections below, or follow the link to our Member Wellbeing page.

Training committees

Please explore the links below to learn more about the committees with oversight and responsibility relating to the Associate Training Program (Procedural).

Policies and procedures

The below policies are relevant to the RANZCOG Associate Training Program (Procedural) and may be of interest.



For more information, please contact Certificate and Procedural Training Programs at:

Other useful contacts include:

Assessment services:


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