Jean Murray Jones Scholarship


The RANZCOG Jean Murray Jones (JMJ) Scholarship provides financial assistance to a FRANZCOG Advanced Trainee or RANZCOG Fellow to undertake training or professional development outside Western Australia (WA) in the field of women’s health.


The JMJ Scholarship is to be used to fund a clinical and/or research training position undertaken in a centre of excellence to provide experience that is not readily available in WA.

The Scholarship is open to RANZCOG Fellows or FRANZCOG Trainees who have completed all requirements of basic training.

It is generally expected that the scholarship recipient will take up a position in WA after completion of the training or professional development funded by the scholarship.

The recipient will also be expected to commit a minimum of 50 percent of their working week to the public sector for a minimum of three (3) years on their return to WA.

Scholarship funds and tenure

One (1) scholarship for a period of up to 12 months but no less than six (6) months. The amount of scholarship funding shall be AUD$90,000 for a 12-month training position. Where the training position is less than 12 months, scholarship funding will be paid pro-rata to correspond with the length of the position.

Please note that this is a research only grant.


For more information, please contact the RANZCOG Women’s Health Foundation:

Phone: +61 3 9412 2993

5 April 2024