Fotheringham Research Fellowship


The Fotheringham Research Fellowship supports research in all aspects of obstetrics and gynaecology, and related disciplines. The Fellowship may be held outside Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand, provided the holder intends to return to one of these countries.


The Fellowship is open to applicants who are normally residents of Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand, and who fall within the following categories:

RANZCOG Fellows of less than five years standing;

RANZCOG Members seeking to qualify for Fellowship of RANZCOG; and

Advanced FRANZCOG trainees who have sat and passed both the FRANZCOG written and oral examinations.

Scholarship funds and tenure

One (1) award of $25,000 per year for two (2) years ($50,000 in total).

Please note that this is a research only grant.


For further information, please contact the RANZCOG Women’s Health Foundation:

Phone: +61 3 9412 2993

5 April 2024