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The below Committees can be contacted via the general office email:


South Australian State & Northern Territory Committee

2020 Meeting Dates: 20 February, 13 May, 12 August, 28 October

Committee Members

A/Prof Rosalie Grivell – Chair
Dr Martin Ritossa – Deputy Chair
Dr Kate Walsh – Member
Dr Jane Woolcock – Member
Dr Amy Wiltshire – Chair, SA/NT TAC
Dr Kate Martin – Trainee Representative

Ex-Officio (Voting):
Dr Vijay Roach – RANZCOG President
Prof Ian Symonds – RANZCOG Board Member
Dr Roy Watson – RANZCOG Councillor, SA/NT
Dr Heather Waterfall – RANZCOG Councillor, SA/NT
Ms Vase Jovanoska – RANZCOG Chief Executive Officer 

College Staff (Non-voting):
Ms Mel Pietsch – Head of State and Territory Offices and Government Relations
Ms Tania Back – Committee Coordinator, Executive Officer, SA/NT


South Australia & Northern Territory Training Accreditation Committee

2020 Meeting Dates: 26 March, 5 June, 24 September, 5 November

Committee Members

Dr Aimee Wiltshire – Chair
Dr Kylie Webber – ITP Coordinator
Dr Martin Ritossa – Member
Dr Mojgan Vatani – Member
Dr Colin Weatherill – Regional Member
Dr Jane Thorn – NT and Regional Member
Dr Carolyn Marlow – Member
Dr Kate Walsh – Member
Dr Elinor Atkinson – Member
Dr Leen Khoo – Member
Dr Feisal Chenia – Member
Dr Priti Pradhan – Member
Dr Kate Martin – SA/NT Trainee Representative
A/Prof Rosalie Grivell – Chair, SA/NT State & Territory Committee
Ms Tania Back – Committee Coordinator, Executive Officer, SA/NT



More information

Level 1, 213 Greenhill Road
Eastwood SA 5063 
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Phone: +61 8 8274 3735
Fax: +61 8 8271 5886
Email: [email protected]


Executive Officer: Tania Back

Trainee Representative

Dr Kate Martin



Professor John Newnham

It is with great pleasure and pride that RANZCOG acknowledges Professor John Newnham, as the first fellow to be awarded the highest honour of Senior Australian of the Year.




RANZCOG Organisational Values

In late 2019, a College Organisational Values Working Group was established and tasked with developing a unique set of shared values, defined by our common vision, for members, trainees and College staff.



Advocacy from East to West: Marwan Shawki

Marwan Shawki wants to strengthen the bonds between Australia and the Middle East, like he once did between the US and Iraq.