RANZCOG Wellbeing Award Nominees 2023

Meet the people leading the way in wellbeing at the College in 2023.


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

17 January 2024

Late last year we announced three individual recipients of the 2023 Wellbeing Awards.

We are very pleased to share summaries of the remaining nominations. A massive congratulations to all of the nominated individuals who advocate for the wellbeing of their peers.

Individual award nominees

Dr Andrew Cary

FRANZCOG, Pindara Hospital QLD

Nominated by Dr Drew Moffrey (FRANZCOG)

Andrew is a senior doctor at Pindara Private Hospital. He arranges on call rosters to ensure doctors are well rested and covered, he is also available for support and mentoring and runs our clinical governance at the hospital. He is a constant support to all the other doctors at the hospital. He offers non-judgmental advice and is an advocate for other doctors if they are in need.

Dr Charlotte Reddington

FRANZCOG, The Royal Women’s Hospital VIC

Dr Charlotte Reddington

Nominated by Dr Helen McNamara (FRANZCOG)

Charlotte is a leading clinician in the Acute Gynaecology unit at The Royal Women’s Hospital. In this capacity, she has committed to teaching and mentoring the junior medical staff. She not only inspires them by leading with her own excellent example, but she remains extremely positive – she always has a bright attitude and encourages kindness, confidence, and collegiality. Every one of the JMS knows that if there is a problem, Charlotte can be called upon to help.

Dr Lara Colbourne

FRANZCOG, Waikato Hospital Aotearoa NZ

Dr Lara Colbourne

Nominated by Dr Sharmaine Recabar (Trainee)

Lara prioritises her trainees’ health and wellbeing. She listens and is always available for a chat and provides reassurance and support. She is someone we can talk to when we have any issues and will listen to us and advocate for us. She takes time to get to know her patients and is very thorough and builds great rapport. She treats everybody with respect and is kind to all staff.

Nominated by Dr Mari Fernandez (Trainee)

Lara is well known by trainees in the department as someone to talk to when they’re having a difficult time. Lara’s actions mean a lot, not just to the registrars but also the house surgeons. Her words of encouragement have kept many of us going through such difficult times. She is respectful and kind and is someone I aspire to be when I finish my training. She is very compassionate and a good role model to everyone.

Dr Lilach Liebenson

FRANZCOG, Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital NSW

Dr Lilach Liebenson

Nominated by A/Prof Vasu Iyenjar (FRANZCOG)

Lilach has contributed to the wellbeing, development, nurture, and education of many trainees from RANZCOG and RACGP in a difficult busy regional environment. She is a strong advocate for healthcare rights for trainees and has developed a robust teaching and training program that incorporated paternal and maternal leave and time out for rest.

Dr Preethi Nagubandi

FRANZCOG, Fiona Stanley Hospital WA

Dr Preethi Nagubandi

Nominated by Dr Uchechukwu Ijeneme (FRANZCOG)

Preethi oversees staff and trainee welfare and since she assumed the position, the morale or teamwork among members has seen a tremendous improvement. She has organised regular welfare checks, social events and debriefs. There is already a positive outcome based on the staff morale at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Dr Sumaiya Sayed

Prevocational Affiliate, Nepean Hospital NSW

Dr Sumaiya Sayed

Nominated by Dr Svetlana Starodubsteva (SIMG)

Sumaiya has been passionate about advocating for the wellbeing and welfare of both patients and colleagues. She has spent time with junior colleagues on how to improve efficiency and how to deal with challenging situations at work. Sumaiya has been a voice against bulling and harassment, inequity, and poor treatment and has stood up for her colleagues.

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