RANZCOG prioritises trainee wellbeing with the launch of the Trainee Support Unit

30 October 2017

RANZCOG 2017 ASM, Auckland New Zealand

Sunday 29 October 2017

Trainee wellbeing was high on the agenda today at RANZCOG 2017 ASM in Auckland.
RANZCOG CEO Alana Killen, with support from the RANZCOG Board, spoke about the newly established Trainee Support Unit led by Trainee Liason Officer Paula Fernandez.
“The training environment is stressful and our trainees are under a lot of pressure. It is important that we as a College recognise this and prioritise the mental health of our trainees”, said Ms Killen.
The College invited trainees to participate in a survey to identify barriers to success. The results of the survey highlighted that mental wellbeing was an area that needed to be better addressed. The implementation of the Trainee Support Unit comes as a response to this and reinforces the commitment of College leadership to providing more meaningful support to trainees.
“We wanted there to be a face and a voice, someone you could talk to in times of stress and anxiety. We recognise that sometimes trainees need to debrief with someone other than their supervisor”, said Ms Killen.
In conjunction with the Trainee Support Unit, RANZCOG has initiated partnerships with corporate mental health care providers in Australia and New Zealand where trainees are able to access confidential online and over-the-phone support when they need it.
RANZCOG President Professor Steve Robson attended the launch along with all members of the RANZCOG Board. Professor Robson addressed the trainees in the room and reassured them that both he and the Board were behind this project.
“We take this absolutely seriously and are all here today as a show of our support for you. It is important that we put our money where our mouth is and want you to be confident knowing that we are 100 per cent behind this project”, said Professor Robson.



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