Optimising opportunities in surgically-scarce era of O&G training

29 March 2021

Over the last few years, there is an apparent growing concern amongst O&G trainees of the inadequacy in exposure to minimally invasive gynaecology surgical training, which has been inadvertently compounded by the more stringent working hour regulations and disproportionately increasing number of trainees relative to surgical volume. Therefore, it is vitally important for trainees to maximise opportunities in the operating theatre and develop autonomy in carrying out more complex surgical procedures. The case report below outlines the step-by-step approach of laparoscopic excision of a cornual ectopic pregnancy performed by a trainee under the supervision of a surgical mentor. This manuscript highlights key characteristic traits of a trainee that serve to foster surgical trust and simple but effective steps to foster surgical preparedness.

Dave Listijono, a final-year RANZCOG trainee based in Sydney, has co-authored this article.

Download: Cultivating the Apprentice-Mentor Model for Minimally Invasive Gynaecology in the Era of Surgically Scarce Training: A Case Report of Laparoscopic Cornuostomy for Interstitial Ectopic Pregnancy by a Trainee

Authors: Dave R. Listijono, David M. B. Rosen, Sarah Choi, Mujahid Bukhari, Gregory M. Cario, and Danny Chou



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