Mother's Day message 2020

10 May 2020

A Mother’s Day message from RANZCOG President Dr Vijay Roach

A message on Mother’s Day is really rather simple. It’s about gratitude, unconditional love and an acknowledgement of our mothers as people.

Thank you for carrying me in your body, for growing and nurturing me, for bringing me safely into the world. 

Thank you for always being there for me, for thinking about me, caring for me, picking me up when I fell, celebrating my successes and accepting me for the person that I am, including my flaws and failures. 

On Mother’s Day we remember the mothers who are no longer with us and we hold in our arms the mothers whose babies are no longer with them. To those of you who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or the loss of a child, we wrap our arms around you on this special day. Your mothering matters. Your babies matter.

And finally, to all women on Mother’s Day – while we celebrate that unique role you have played in our lives, the gift of love and care and selfless dedication to us, your children, we also want to say that we see you, and appreciate you, as people. You are gifted, intelligent, capable and competent. Whether you’ve worked in the home, volunteered, or pursued a career, you are leaders, in our homes, and in our community. You inspire us through example and, in the same way that you value your children, we see you, the whole of you, and we are grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Dr Vijay Roach



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