Key to scholarship success

24 May 2020

Do not downplay your past achievements.

That is part of the advice of FRANZCOG Professor Jonathan Morris to members and trainees thinking about submitting an application for any one of the nine research scholarships currently being offered by RANZCOG’s Women's Health Foundation.

“Applicants should not be modest about their past achievements, be it in the later years of schooling, their student days or their trainee days, and that applies to achievements in and out of the medical domains,” says Professor Morris, who is Chair of the RANZCOG Research Grants Committee.

“We are looking for people who have demonstrated aptitude and leadership.

“It is important that the study itself, what they are proposing for their research, is practical, feasible and achievable within the timeframe.

“And it is important that they ensure that they are in a good environment for mentoring and support.”

Grants and scholarships for research or travel 

Applications for up to $40,000 scholarships are open, thanks to the Women’s Health Foundation.

Apply here. Applications close June 30.

Advancing through research

For Professor Morris, research is about discovery and new ways of doing things.

“With pregnancy and childbirth – a healthy mother and a healthy baby is essentially the nation’s future,” Professor Morris says. “You need both healthy mothers and healthy babies – for any country to prosper.

“Things that happen at the beginning of life have lifelong consequences, so it is critically important to ensure a healthy start to life.

“Currently we have great hospitals, great guidelines, great practitioners, but these can only deliver what we already know.

“Genuine advancement comes from the creation of new knowledge and that essentially is what research is.”



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