Gender Equity and Diversity Working Group Communiqué

11 July 2019

Every health professional has a right to work in a safe, supportive workplace. Bullying and discrimination of any kind have no place in any aspect of obstetrics and gynaecology.
With an awareness of gender inequities and bias experienced by RANZCOG members, in November 2018, the RANZCOG Board appointed a Gender Equity and Diversity Working Group (GEDWG), with the objectives of creating policies and enacting processes that would improve gender equity, inclusion and diversity within our College.
The GEDWG is addressing gender inequity within O&G leadership as its first priority. As one of the initial steps towards this, RANZCOG President Dr Vijay Roach invited all RANZCOG members to make a submission to the GEDWG.
The GEDWG acknowledges the technical challenges first apparent with this submission process, and the short timeframe provided. In response to members’ concerns, the submission timeframe was extended to ensure that all members had an opportunity to participate.
The GEDWG acknowledges and appreciates the many contributions that were received from our members.
Submissions made to the GEDWG contained some common themes and these are outlined as follows:
  • An urgency to lead on the issues of gender equity, inclusion and diversity.
  • The cultural, financial and business value of diversity within leadership.
  • The lack of women within RANZCOG senior leadership.
  • The recognition that gender bias and barriers have been experienced by both male and female members, with women more likely to experience gender inequity.
  • The value of gender quotas as a transitional tool to improve diversity within RANZCOG leadership.
  • The alternative approach of targets as a more broadly used tool, including by many medical colleges.
  • The need to improve flexibility and reduce barriers within College roles.
  • The need to publish and audit RANZCOG’s progress on gender equity and diversity.

The submissions made to the GEDWG will help shape the recommendations that the GEDWG make to the RANZCOG Board for the July 2019 Council.
The GEDWG is working towards a Gender Equity and Diversity Policy to be released in late 2019, and looks forward to continuing to improve gender equity and diversity for all RANZCOG members.

Dr Gillian Gibson
Chair, GEDWG     


Dr Kirsten Connan, 
Deputy Chair, GEDWG

On behalf of the GEDWG

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Gender Equity and Diversity Working Group Communiqué

Every health professional has a right to work in a safe, supportive workplace