Regional Fellows

Connect with like-minded colleagues

Join our community of Regional Fellows, who come together with an interest in issues that impact on the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology in rural, regional and remote areas of Australia.

As a Regional Fellow you will:

Have Regional Fellow voting rights during Council elections

Become part of a network of Regional Fellows with similar professional and personal experiences

Receive our Regional Fellows newsletter, ConneXion

Have access to Rural Health Continuing Education, to participate in the Annual Scientific Meeting and Government-funded CPD projects

Have the opportunity to be elected to the Regional Fellows Committee


A Regional Fellow (with voting rights) is defined as a RANZCOG Fellow working in Australian Standard Geographical Classification – Remoteness Areas (ASGC-RA) 2-5, excluding Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory*.

A Fellow may elect to vote for their Regional Fellows Representatives on RANZCOG Council if their major practice is in ASGC-RA 2-5 (with the exception of Fellows in Tasmania and ACT).

Not sure of your ASGC-RA code?
You can find your ASGC-RA code by visiting

*Fellows in Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and ASGC-RA 1 are not eligible to become Regional Fellows with voting rights, but may apply to the Regional Fellows Committee to participate in Regional Fellows activities and projects.

Committees and leadership

As a Regional Fellow with voting rights, you are eligible to join the Regional Fellows Committee (RFC).

The role of the RFC is to advise the RANZCOG Council on all matters affecting obstetric and gynaecology practice undertaken by Regional Fellows. The RFC considers and advises on matters relating to:

the provision of obstetric and gynaecology services in rural areas, including workforce issues;

development of guidelines on aspects of the Regional practice, as necessary;

leadership and advice on CPD activities for Regional Fellows in both externally and College funded projects; and

consultation on documents from external bodies on rural workforce, rural practice and/or rural health issues.

The RFC is also responsible for organising an Annual Scientific Meeting for Regional Fellows.

Your committees

Regional Fellows Committee

Chair: Dr Romany Erwin

Deputy Chair: Dr Kathleen Braniff


10 February, 23 April, 30 June, 6 October



Your trainee representatives

Support and opportunities

Events and funding tailored to your needs

Practicing in rural, regional and remote areas presents unique challenges and opportunities.

The College is here to help you connect with your colleagues online or in person.

Regional Fellows Scientific Meetings

In addition to hosting the RANZCOG Annual Scientific Meeting (RANZCOG ASM) and Regional Scientific Meetings (RSMs), RANZCOG holds a meeting once a year for Regional Fellows. The Regional Fellows Scientific Meeting (RF SM) is a forum for Regional Fellows to meet to discuss matters that have an impact on the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology in regional areas.

These include:

RANZCOG matters

National Association of Specialist Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (NASOG) matters

Medico-political matters not covered by RANZCOG or NASOG e.g. AMA matters

Matters relating to problems in rural, regional and remote obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G) service provision, and

A scientific component with papers presented by Regional Fellows

Although RF SMs are targeted primarily at Regional Fellows and Regional trainees of the College, they also incorporate opportunities for General Practitioners (GPs) and Associates (Procedural and Adv. Procedural) in the local area to learn and network.

The RF SM generally comprises two days of pre-conference workshops, two days of formal presentations and an industry exhibition. The conference is made up of a high-quality scientific program and social program.

 Outback and Beyond

Read about our latest Regional Fellows Scientific Meeting, which took place in Darwin in April 2022.

Webinar series

Regional Fellows clinical webinar series

Access professional development on obstetrics and gynaecology topics from leading professionals working in rural and regional practice.

Practice visits

Regional Fellows practice visits

Participate in a practice visit to receive in-depth professional development relevant to your own setting, as well as CPD hours.

Government-funded activities

Support for Rural Specialists in Australia (SRSA) Program

The Support for Rural Specialists in Australia (SRSA) program is a Department of Health Council of Presidents of Medical Colleges (CPMC) initiative. The program is based on the premise that professional isolation is a major reason why specialists choose to leave rural practice. The program seeks to address this by providing education and networking opportunities targeted at the continuing professional development (CPD) needs of rural specialists.

Their website is regularly updated with information on upcoming projects, funding opportunities to support CPD participation, and CPD initiatives that promote multidisciplinary teams and help build vocational support and learning capacity for health professionals in rural and remote locations

Regional Fellows Facebook group

In August 2019 the Regional Fellows Facebook group was launched to facilitate RANZCOG Regional Fellows and Regional Training Program trainees to network and engage with one another.

The Facebook group provides an opportunity to share experiences; discuss interesting cases, difficulties or clinical challenges; and post information on events or items of interest. If you would like to join the group please contact the administrator via the Regional Fellows Facebook group page.


Apply for voting rights

To become a Regional Fellow with voting rights, complete the application form below, and return it to the College.

Upon approval by Regional Fellows Committee and the RANZCOG Council, you will be notified and your status changed to a voting Regional Fellow.

Apply to join the interest group

To become a Regional Fellow with voting rights, complete the application form below, and return it to the College.

Upon approval by Regional Fellows Committee, you will be notified and added to the interest group.


Do you have an issue or topic you’d like to bring to the Regional Fellows Committee? Want to know more about practice visits? Get in touch:

Angie Spry
Coordinator, Regional Fellows
Phone:  +61 3 9412 2971