CPD Renewal for Fellows


Revised CPD Framework

A revised CPD Framework was launched 1 July 2019, to align with the Medical Board of Australia's 'Professional Performance Framework' (PPF), and the Medical Council of New Zealand's draft 'Quality Recertification Model'. Specialist medical colleges are required to implement the PPF; accordingly, the revised CPD program is fit for purpose and is consistent with CPD best practice.

View full details of the revised CPD framework.

All Fellows who completed their CPD requirements for the CPD cycle ending 30 June 2019 have transitioned to the revised RANZCOG CPD Framework as of 1 July 2019. Please note that you will not transition to the Revised CPD Framework if you have not met the requirements for the CPD cycle ending 30 June 2019.

Alignment of the RANZCOG CPD Framework with the PPF

The MBA's Professional Performance Framework (PPF) consists of five pillars:

  1.  Strengthened continuing professional development
  2. Active assurance of safe practice

  3. Strengthened assessment and management of medical practitioners

  4. Guidance to support practitioners

  5. Collaborations to foster a positive culture

More details on the development and implementation of the PPF are available on the MBA’s website.


Fellows: hold on to your ‘surplus’ CPD hours

For this transition period only, you are able to claim ‘surplus’ hours from your previous triennium (ended 30 June 2019) in your new triennium. This arrangement will only apply to ‘surplus’ hours accrued between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019.

How to manage your ‘surplus’ hours accrued between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019


  • Claiming ‘surplus’ hours will only be available to Fellows who have met their CPD requirements for the cycle ended 30 June 2019 and transitioned to the new RANZCOG CPD Framework.
  • Only ‘surplus’ hours above the pro rata requirements can be claimed in your new triennium.
  • Any activities you claimed to meet your requirements in your previous CPD cycle (ended 30 June 2019), cannot be claimed as 'surplus' hours in your new triennium.
  • The maximum number of ‘surplus’ hours that can be claimed is 50.
  • Retain evidence of your ‘surplus’ hours. You will be required to enter these in your new triennium via your CPD profile in my.ranzcog. 
  • All ‘surplus’ hours will need to be entered in your CPD profile in my.ranzcog by 31 August 2019.
  • You will have access to view activities from your old cycle.


Changes to CPD

Why are these changes being made?

The RANZCOG Board has approved changes to standardise and simplify CPD processes for members, align with best practice for CPD programs and ensure that the College and Fellows are able to meet the requirements of the MBA and the MCNZ.

Who does this apply to?

Currently the changes will apply only to active Fellows and Subspecialists. Information on relevant changes for Diplomates, Certificants, Educational Affiliates and Associate Members will be provided at a later date.

Will this affect my registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) or the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ)?

No, you can continue to renew your registration with the relevant body according to current registration standards. AHPRA and MCNZ are aware that all Fellows will be transitioning to a standard triennium. If you are audited by AHPRA or MCNZ you may be required to provide documents as per current processes. Please see the AHPRA and the MCNZ websites for more information on audits.

If I’m already overdue does that mean I now have an extension?

No, the extension only applies to Fellows who were due to complete a cycle after 1 July 2018. If you were already overdue on 1 July you will need to complete your outstanding CPD requirements, including verification of documentation, before transitioning into the new triennium. Fellows who do not complete outstanding requirements may result in referral to the Fellowship Review Committee (FRC).

What do I do if I hadn’t planned to complete any CPD by 30 June 2019?

The pro rata CPD requirements for the transition have been considered by the CPD Committee and the RANZCOG Board to have the minimum possible impact on Fellows without undermining the value and importance of CPD. If you believe that you will have significant difficulties meeting the pro rata requirements please contact [email protected]. Your submission will be forwarded to FRC for consideration.

How do I provide feedback on the proposed changes?

Please see the RANZCOG Member Consultation - Revised CPD Framework to view the proposed framework and submit feedback.

Providing evidence without a Certificate

How can I provide evidence of membership/CPD status to other organisations without a current Fellowship Certificate?

There are several documents available to you via MyRANZCOG:
  • The CPD Letter of Participation confirms your status with the College and that you are registered for a CPD program. It does not provide evidence that you are meeting your CPD requirements. This is available to download from your CPD portal at any time.
  • The CPD Statement of Hours summarises the number of CPD hours you have completed to date in your triennium. It provides information on whether you are on track to meet your CPD requirements. This is available to download from your CPD portal at any time.
  • The CPD Compliance Statement is formal confirmation that you have met all your CPD requirements for the most recent triennium. It is only available to download at the end of the triennium.

How do I download a CPD Letter of Participation, CPD Statement of Hours or CPD Compliance Statement?

You can download CPD documents by logging in to My.RANZCOG and navigating to My CPD. The CPD documents are available at the top of the screen.
Further instructions on navigating CPD online can be found here, alternatively please contact [email protected] for assistance.

I urgently require evidence of my Fellowship or Subspecialty qualification for an external body that won’t accept a CPD Compliance Statement.

Please contact the CPD team for assistance via [email protected].

CPD hours

What happens if I am currently overdue to complete my hours and/or provide verification documents?

Fellows in this category will be contacted regarding individual arrangements. It is recommended that you attempt to finalise your outstanding requirements as soon as you can.  Once complete you will be able to download a CPD Compliance Statement for the triennium.



For further information please contact the CPD team

Phone +61 3 9412 2967
Email [email protected]



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