Colposcopy Data Collection Australia

The National Cancer Screening Register Rules 2017 require colposcopists to provide the following cervical information to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) through the Register within 14 days of the procedure:
  • individuals test results
  • results of follow-up procedures
  • diagnosis (or clearance) of cancer; and 
  • treatment information in relation to pre-cancerous abnormalities.

The NCSR is still under development and methods of data entry are still being finalised. As an interim measure, the Commonwealth Department of Health requests all colposcopy data  to be submitted on the Colposcopy and Treatment Form. The form contains the prescribed information and provides instructions on how to complete the form, as well as definitions for terminology used in the form.

Release 2 of the National Cancer Screening Register (the Register) will be available on 29 June 2018. This means that all pre-December 2017 results will have been migrated from the state and territory registers into the Register to provide national records for participants of the National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP).

To ensure the safety net provided as part of the NCSP, participant follow up and correspondence will continue to be delivered by the state and territory registers in conjunction with the national Register until Release 2 is complete. Please continue to speak to your pathology laboratory for your patient’s screening test result. During this transition period, you can access screening histories as follows:
  • For cervical screening histories up to 1 December 2017, please continue to contact your state and territory register.
  • For cervical screening histories post 1 December 2017, please contact the NSCR.

For further information, please refer to the Quick Start Guide for Healthcare Providers (Transition) available on the NCSR website.