RANZCOG Trainees

RANZCOG Trainees can apply for C-QuIP certification in their 6th year of FRANZCOG training. 

To apply, trainees must:

  1. Have completed the appropriate Colposcopy Online Learning Program (COLP) within 12 months prior to application. 
  2. Provide evidence through their TAR of having completed 100 colposcopic examinations, 50 of which must be new cases.
  3. Provide evidence of satisfactory completion of the Colposcopy Assessment of Procedural Surgical Skills (APSS). 
  4. Complete a Logbook of 10 documented treatments for high grade lesions of the cervix (therapeutic stream).
  5. Provide a Letter of Competency signed off by their training supervisor.
Please note that the signed Letter of Competency covers completion of numbers 2 and 4, copies of these do not need to be sent in. 

Documents can be emailed to [email protected]

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