External Support Services

Converge International is now available to Training Supervisors as well as trainees. 
RANZCOG has partnered with Converge International, a confidential support service that is available to our trainees and supervisors 24/7/365.  This service can be utilised for any personal or work related matter and is also available to' family members seeking support. 

Converge International employs over 1600 qualified specialists trained in counselling, social work and psychology. 


Converge International offer the following:    

  • Support that is confidential and private
  • Up to three sessions of Counselling,  Family Assist and Crisis Counselling per calendar year (funded by RANZCOG)
  • Support that can be tailored to meet your needs (face to face, telephone or online)
  • Services available across Australia and New Zealand    

Converge provides support services and resources through a smartphone app "EAP Connect". Through this app, trainees and supervisors can access:

  • Appointment scheduling with a Converge International specialist
  • Articles and resources on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Further information and contact details for Converge International


Converge International contact details

1300 687 327 (AUS)
0800 666 367 (NZ)
Converge International for RANZCOG
“Help-seeking is the process of finding and receiving support from others. We all experience tough times, but sometimes we can’t solve our problems by ourselves. Going through a difficult situation alone can be stressful, confusing and exhausting. At these times, seeking assistance from family, friends or others can really help”.



More information

For further information please contact the Training Support Unit:

For Trainees


Paula Fernandez
Senior Coordinator, Trainee Liaison
Email[email protected]
Phone: 0437 182 180

For Supervisors

Senior Coordinator, Supervisor Liaison
Email [email protected]
Phone: 0429 577 302



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