RANZCOG is committed to supporting trainee and supervisor wellbeing and enhancing a culture of respect and professionalism.  A number of resources and workshops has been developed to further assist and support trainees and training supervisors by increasing learning opportunities, improving outcomes through targeted up-skilling and professional development. The following resources and workshops have been developed using research evidence including cognitive and positive psychology so that attendees will receive practical techniques and strategies to improve their personal wellbeing and workplace performance and to assist others.

Respectful Workplaces Workshop

The College has developed a 'Respectful Workplaces' workshop to support the development of respectful workplace culture across training sites. 

The ‘Respectful Workplace’ Workshop has been developed in response to the survey that was distributed to all RANZCOG Fellows and Trainees in May 2016. The survey was to ascertain the level of bullying and harassment experienced by members and of those who completed the survey, 61% indicated that they had been subjected to bullying and harassment.

Workshop Aim

This workshop aims to provide participants with appropriate information and strategies to support the creation of a supportive and respectful workplace. The workshop focuses particularly on bullying, harassment and discrimination and how these behaviours are identified and managed.

Key Content

  • Discussion about unacceptable behaviours and how it impacts individuals, teams and patient safety.
  • Intervention strategies and responses to unacceptable behaviours as either someone affected, bystanders, supervisors and managers.
  • The costs, risks and impact of bullying.



What is a Mentor?

A RANZCOG mentor provides support, a sounding board, knowledge, encouragement, guidance and constructive feedback to the mentee by developing a genuine interest in the growth of their abilities and talents. 


What is a Mentee?

A RANZCOG mentee actively seeks support and guidance in their career and professional development from an experienced mentor.  A mentee always has ultimate responsibility for their career and professional development. 

It is recognised that Medicine is a demanding profession, making the wellbeing and support of doctors, especially those in their first years of medicine, of significant importance. Trainee doctors face a multitude of external pressures, including heavy workloads, shift work and long hours, as well as significant internal pressures, such as the ongoing drive to achieve career goals and finding work-life balance.

Specialist International Medical Graduates face even greater challenges as they attempt to balance not only career and training pressures, but also the challenges associated with navigating the Australian health workplace, learning about and adjusting to a new country and often balancing family commitments.

RANZCOG is developing a mentoring framework, workshop and program to provide a supportive and safe platform that enhances the development of clinical best practice and supports individual trainees in their learning and career journey. 

For further information,  please contact the Training Support Unit on the following:

Trainee Liaison on 61+ 3 9412 2918 or [email protected] 

Supervisor Liaison on 61+3 9412 2933 or [email protected]


A ‘Feedback for Trainees’ module is available on Climate.  The module is for all trainees, training supervisors and consultants and explains the importance of feedback in a trainee's learning journey within the many training programs of RANZCOG. 

The module explores what is meant by feedback, ways feedback can be given as well as what to do with feedback; particularly if that feedback does not reflect how you as a trainee perceive how you are actually performing in the training program. 

The module will also look at how trainees can incorporate feedback into their day-to-day practice to continue professional growth. 

There are CPD points available at completion of this module.


Operating with Respect

The ‘Operating with Respect’ module developed by The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) is now available to all RANZCOG trainees and Fellows. To access this module please visit Climate.

The aim of this module is to help our fellows and trainees improve their knowledge and understanding of unacceptable behaviours, enabling them to recognise when they occur and the adverse impact they have on individuals, team performance and patient safety.

There are CPD points available at completion of this module.

Thrive Workshop


Workshop Aim

This 4 hour purposefully designed workshop aims to provide participants with tools and strategies to manage professional and personal stressors associated with specialist training.  The workshop is highly interactive to enable peer-to-peer learning.  Participants will be encouraged to share workplace related issues and together with facilitators discuss strategies to assist and where to seek help.

Key Content

  • Understanding skills and behaviours that contribute to greater resilience.
  • Recognise personal strengths and how to leverage these to deal with stressors.
  • Identify strategies to manage and negotiate workplace relationships and incidents.
  • Discuss strategies and access to appropriate supports for dealing with adverse events.
  • Discuss tips to manage and incorporate feedback for improved practice.                                                                                                                                                                          


More information

For further information please contact the Training Support Unit:

For Trainees


Paula Fernandez
Senior Coordinator, Trainee Liaison
Email[email protected]
Phone: 0437 182 180

For Supervisors

Senior Coordinator, Supervisor Liaison
Email [email protected]
Phone: 0429 577 302



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