Training Support Unit

RANZCOG recognises that trainees may experience periods of professional and personal difficulty, and that coping with the demands of a busy profession, developing skills, building knowledge as well as balancing family and personal commitments can be challenging. 

The College also recognises the importance of supporting Supervisors as they work to ensure Trainees have vital training and learning opportunities; are taken through new procedures and given adequate time to develop their skills under supervision.

RANZCOG is committed to supporting Trainees and Supervisors and has established the Training Support Unit.  This is a safe, professional and impartial service for Trainees and Supervisors.

External Support Services

RANZCOG has partnered with Converge International, a confidential support service that is available to our trainees and supervisors 24/7/365.

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Resources Hub

The Resources Hub provides a range of helpful referral options and support resources regarding well-being, mental health and managing workplace difficulties, for RANZCOG members at any stage of their training or professional journey.

Resources Hub


RANZCOG is committed to supporting trainee and supervisor wellbeing and enhancing a culture of respect and professionalism.



The College is committed to early intervention and prompt resolution of complaints. 

All complaints received by the Training Support Unit will be triaged to enable a clear pathway for investigation and resolution. 

The TSU aims to promote and implement an accessible complaints system to assist in strengthening relationships and enhancing the overall success of the training program.  We are committed to promoting a culture that is responsive to complaints and manages them in a fair and transparent manner.  We want trainees to feel confident and supported should they want to make a complaint.  Whilst the evidence suggests that supervisors are less likely to be subject to unprofessional behaviours we too want them to feel supported if they wish to make a complaint.

If you would like to discuss or lodge a complaint there are several avenues; please contact the following:

For Trainees
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 61+ 3 9412 2918

For Supervisors
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 61+ 3 9412 2933

Mandatory Reporting

Seeking help can often instil fear into medical practitioners and bring about questions relating to mandatory reporting. Due to overwhelming concerns raised by junior doctors in relation to mental health and mandatory reporting it is hoped that this information will provide some clarity and reinforce that its ok to seek help. 

Dr Gannon (AMA President) has said directly "It is clear that all the Health Ministers are committed to removing barriers from doctors seeking help from other doctors about their mental health or stress-related conditions".

Legislation is currently being developed in consultation with the States and Territories and medical professionals with a clear message that "the barriers to doctors accessing mental health are going to be removed."

In Australia, as outlined by AHPRA and the Medical Board of Australia the threshold for mandatory reporting is actually higher than most people think. The information on their pages aims to reassure doctors who might be considering seeking help.

More information

For further information please contact the Training Support Unit:

For Trainees


Paula Fernandez
Senior Coordinator, Trainee Liaison
Email[email protected]
Phone: 0437 182 180

For Supervisors

Senior Coordinator, Supervisor Liaison
Email [email protected]
Phone: 0429 577 302

Trainee Representatives

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