RANZCOG statement

12 August 2020

RANZCOG notes the press release from the Australian College of Midwives (ACM) regarding water immersion in labour. RANZCOG values our relationship with ACM and the two Colleges have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding. We are surprised by the strong language used in the press release. RANZCOG believes that maternity care in Australia is best served through collaboration between doctors and midwives and we wish to emphasise our utmost professional respect for our midwifery colleagues. For clarification, the recently updated RANZCOG statement reflects the increased rate of community transmission in Victoria and is consistent with the advice from the DHHS (Victoria).

The full RANZCOG Statement is here: COVID-19: Protection of midwives and doctors in the birth unit 

The feedback that RANZCOG has received is rising concern amongst HCW given that they are a vulnerable population and rates of infection amongst HCW are quite high. RANZCOG has emphasised the importance of a woman’s experience of childbirth but HCW, midwives and doctors, deserve protection (and advocacy from professional bodies) as well.

RANZCOG acknowledges the unique nature of pregnancy and birth as a significant life experience and during the pandemic all pregnant women should be fully supported. Maternity Health Care Workers, midwives and doctors, deserve protection. Minimisation of risk to HCWs benefits the workers themselves and the community they serve.

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