RANZCOG Academic O&G Fellowships for Pacific medical schools

In conjunction with the Pacific medical schools, RANZCOG provides a fellowship to attract and support young specialist obstetrician gynaecologists who take up an academic position in either the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) or the Fiji National University (FNU).  
A RANZCOG Academic O&G Fellowship is offered to suitably qualified medical practitioners who are newly appointed to an obstetrics and gynaecology academic position, to support their professional development.  
The RANZCOG UPNG and FNU O&G Academic Fellowships have been offered since 2010 using a donation made to the previous Asia Pacific Women’s Health Fund.

Past Awardees

RANZCOG/UPNG Academic O&G Fellowship Recipients

  • 2016    Dr Hilda Tanimia

  • 2011    Dr Arthur Elijah 

  • 2010    Dr Arthur Elijah

RANZCOG/FNU Academic O&G Fellowship Recipients

  • 2016    Dr Julia Singh

  • 2015    Dr Litia Narube

  • 2013    Dr Amanda Noovao Hill

How awarded: Awardees nominated by Pacific medical schools (not available for self-application)
Availability: Time to time
Adjudication: UPNG School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) and FNU College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS)
Date offered: From time to time, on recommendation from the Pacific medical schools

More information

Global Health Unit
Phone: +61 3 9412 2926
Email: [email protected]



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