Training Unit Accreditation

Training units offering subspecialty training must hold accreditation as a training unit in the relevant subspecialty. Training units may have a number of subspecialists in the unit who can act as Training Supervisors, but there is a subspecialist Program Director who has overall responsibility. A training unit may comprise one site or multiple sites. 

Subspecialty training must be undertaken in a minimum of two training units during the three year clinical training program. The minimum time in one unit will be the equivalent of six months’ full time training. The Program Director must advise Subspecialties Services immediately of any change in workload, staff, facilities and/or activities within the training unit.


Accredited Training Units

Full lists of accredited training units can be found in the relevant Training Handbooks. This includes the names of Program Directors and accreditation periods.

Applying for Accreditation or Reaccreditation

  • Training units are required to apply for Accreditation or Reaccreditation as a subspecialty training unit using the prescribed application form.
  • If the application is for reaccreditation of an existing training unit, the application must be submitted at least three months before the current accreditation period end date.
  • The relevant Subspecialty Committee will review the information provided and determine terms and conditions of accreditation including number of positions the unit is accredited for, the accreditation period, and whether accreditation is subject to any provisos and/or a site visit.

Annual Training Unit Update

As part of training unit accreditation, Program Directors are required to submit an Annual Training Unit Update in June each year. This is because changes often occur in training units within the accreditation period with respect to workload, staff, facilities and activities. With this Annual Training Unit Update we are being proactive in ensuring that we have accurate and up to date information with respect to training in the units.

Site Visits

Subspecialty Committees may opt to conduct a Site Visit of a training unit in order to inform accreditation status, in particular for new training units or units which pose concerns requiring inspection. If this is the case the Program Director will receive plenty of notification and full information, and a date will be mutually agreed.

Accreditation Guidelines

Accreditation Standards and Guidelines for Units in the Subspecialty Training Programs are currently under review and relevant parties will be consulted.

The document will be available on this section of the website when finalised.

More information

For information relating to unit accreditation please contact: 
Email[email protected]



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