FRANZCOG Advanced Training Modules

Note: The compulsory ATM requirement will be introduced from December 2018 for FRANZCOG trainees who commenced on or after 1 December 2014.

Trainees who commenced before 1 December 2014 are not required to undertake the Advanced Training Modules.

Please note that ATMs cannot be retrospectively approved or back dated prior to December 2018 (for NZ trainees) or February 2019 (for AU trainees). 


The College is introducing compulsory Advanced Training Modules (ATMs) for trainees to:
  • Enhance progress from Senior Registrar to FRANZCOG graduate across the appropriate scope of Practice.
  • Position the Advanced Trainee to further increase their scope of practice following completion of the ATMs through exposure to more complex conditions and undertaking procedures beyond core training.
  • Provide the FRANZCOG graduate with the foundation for a continuum of learning and ongoing CPD based on the FRANZCOG curriculum, allowing on-going skills development by the FRANZCOG graduate, as required for future scope of practice.

*All trainees except those undertaking the subspecialty or academic pathways. These trainees will need to complete the Essential O&G Skills ATM.
The aim of the ATMs is to:
  • Clarify expectations for trainees
  • Clarify expectations for sites
  • Promote consistency in preparation of trainees to commence a career as an O&G consultant

Who has to do the ATMs?

Trainees who commenced training on or after 1 Dec 2014 are required to complete the compulsory Generalist Obstetrics Advanced Training Module (minimum 26 weeks or FTE) and Generalist Gynaecology Advanced Training Module (minimum 26 weeks or FTE) except those trainees who undertake subspecialty training and those in the academic stream.  Trainees who undertake subspecialty training and those in the academic stream are required to complete the Essential O&G Skills Advanced Training Module within 46 weeks. 

When must the ATMs be undertaken?

The compulsory ATMs can be undertaken anytime, full time or part time during Advanced Training.  

What are the requirements?

There are recommended  procedure numbers that apply to each ATM. These are listed in the relevant ATM documents. Sites will need to ensure that they can provide sufficient clinical experience for an ATM position. 

What is the process for application and sign off?

Trainees will apply to train for an ATM in My.RANZCOG through a supplementary form  for prospective approval (PA) as per the current process. Supervisors sign off completion of the ATM on the appropriate completion form and the trainee submits this in My.RANZCOG. Future approval of the ATM position will be predicated on the hospital committing to provide adequate procedural volume for the ATM positions it offers.

My.RANZCOG Instructions: Advanced Training Modules (ATM)


Further information

View Advanced Training Module information (PDF) for full details on requirements, deadlines and how to apply.

Special Interest ATMs

A suite of optional, Special Interest ATMs are also available and include:


More information

For further information, please contact Training Services.

Email: [email protected]



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