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This page is an information and resource hub for those currently undertaking FRANZCOG training.

Training updates 

What's new and happening in FRANZCOG Training.
As at 2 February 2021 

FRANZCOG training year dates

Please refer to Training year dates for FRANZCOG semester start and end dates.

Trainee email accounts

RANZCOG provides a hosted email service for all FRANZCOG trainees via Outlook Web App on Office 365. It includes 50GB of storage and you can send messages of up to 25MB.

Login to your RANZCOG email account


Setting up

When accessing your email account for the first time you will be asked to reset your password. Passwords will not be known to RANZCOG staff. If you have forgotten your password you can use the "forgot your password?" link to request a reset.

How can I connect email to my phone or tablet?

Visit Microsoft's support pages to set up Office apps and email on a mobile or tablet device.

FRANZCOG trainee email T&Cs


From 2016 all FRANZCOG training and assessments are recorded and processed through the My.RANZCOG online portal. More information on My.RANZCOG

Advanced Training posts criteria

Regional Training Accreditation Committee Chair, Heads of O&G, hospital management and trainees seeking information on the College’s criteria for Advanced level training posts in the FRANZCOG Training Program should refer to:


The Advanced Training Posts Criteria was revised by the RANZCOG Education Strategy Committee and approved by the Board in August 2014.

Fractional/Part-time Training

Fractional/Part-time training requirements of the FRANZCOG Training Program are outlined in the College Regulations [Section B1.10/C1.10] and FRANZCOG Training Handbooks.

State, Territory and NZ TAC Chairs, Heads of O&G, hospital management and trainees seeking information on Fractional/Part-Time training requirements should refer to the College Regulations and relevant Training Handbook.

Training in Resource Limited Settings (Overseas)

Regional Training Accreditation Committee Chairs and trainees seeking information on the College’s requirements and processes for prospectively approving FRANZCOG training in resource limited settings overseas (eg PNG, India, Fiji) should refer to the attached document.  The Guidelines cover the minimum criteria for prospective approval of such training, factors to consider, the process for obtaining approval, and the training supervision required while trainees are in these settings.

Academic Stream

RANZCOG has developed an ‘Academic Stream’ of the FRANZCOG Training Program to recognise and support trainees who wish to pursue a career in academic O&G. The Academic Stream allows trainees to apply for up to 156 weeks (3 years) of Research Leave in order to complete a PhD in a discipline relevant to women’s health. Following successful completion of their PhD, trainees in the Academic Stream can be exempted from 46 weeks (1 year) of Advanced Training.

Trainees who commenced in the program after 1 December 2013 may apply to enter the Academic Stream at any time. Applications for the Academic Stream should be made to your Regional Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) and include details of your PhD, including its relevance to women’s health.

Further details are available in the FRANZCOG Training Program: Academic Stream (PDF) and under Regulation B1.17 of the RANZCOG Regulations.

Leave & Transfers

Extended Leave

Trainees wishing to take Extended Leave from the FRANZCOG Training Program must apply for approval via My.RANZCOG. 

Trainees planning to train for less than 10 weeks FTE in a semester must apply for approval of Extended Leave.

Interstate Transfers or Cross-Tasman Transfers

Trainees wishing to transfer from one state to another, or from Australia to New Zealand (or vice-versa) must submit an application for permission to do so.

Applications must be made using the below form. The transfer must be approved by the trainee’s current ITP Co-ordinator or Training Supervisor (in the case of Advanced trainees), as well as by the Chairs of the two relevant regional Training Accreditation Committees. Any transfer not approved by all of the above will be invald.

Guidelines on the approval process for trainee transfers are included for the information of both regional Training Accreditation Committees and trainees:

ITP Transfers Within a State or Region

Core level trainees wishing to transfer from one ITP to another within a state or region must obtain formal approval to do so, using the RANZCOG ITP transfer within a state or region form.

The transfer must be approved by the two relevant ITP Co-ordinators and by the Chair of the relevant regional Training Accreditation Committee. Any transfer not approved by all of the above will be invalid.

Training positions

To search for current training positions, please view the Trainee Positions listings in the RANZCOG Employment area.

Elevation to Fellowship

Information about Fellowship Elevation can be found in the FRANZCOG Training Program Handbook and RANZCOG Regulations

An application for Fellowship form is prepared for each trainee individually. It includes specific details relating to training sites and time spent at each location, dates and accredited training time. Trainees may request an application for Fellowship up to 6 months prior to the completion of 276 weeks of training, provided all training and assessment requirements have been met with the exception of the final Six-monthly Summative Assessment Report (which must be assessed as ‘Satisfactory’ for Fellowship to be valid).

The non-negotiable deadlines to request an application for Fellowship are as follows:

  • 1 February - For consideration at the March Training Accreditation Committee/RANZCOG Board meetings
  • 1 June - For consideration at the July Training Accreditation Committee/RANZCOG Board meetings
  • 1 October - For consideration at the November Training Accreditation Committee/RANZCOG Board meetings

To have an application prepared, please email Training Programs at [email protected]

Details of fees associated with elevation to Fellowship are available on the RANZCOG Fees page under Certifiication Fees.

Exceptional Circumstance, Special Consideration and Reconsideration Policy

Please use the Policies & Procedures search tool for locating up-to-date policies covering a wide range of topics including (but not limited to) the Exceptional Circumstances, Special Consideration and Reconsideration Policy and Procedure, the Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace Policy and the Conflict of Interest Policy.

Statement of Understanding

All trainees enrolled in the FRANZCOG Training Program are required to read, understand and sign a document detailing their rights and responsibilities as trainees. Effective from 2022, this document will be signed annually by all FRANZCOG trainees and linked to the prospective approval process.  Trainees are expected to retain a copy of the signed document for their records.  The document is included here as a ready reference for trainees and their supervisors.


More information

For any enquiry regarding your FRANZCOG training:

Email: [email protected]

Trainee Email

Log in to your Outlook 365 RANZCOG trainee email account:

Login to your RANZCOG email account



International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day 2021

The members of RANZCOG acknowledge the parents and families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.



Updated College Statements

These statements have been reviewed and updated during the March and July Council sessions, and published on the RANZCOG website.



2021 RANZCOG Wellbeing Awards - Nomination Summaries

Congratulations to all who were nominated in our inaugural Wellbeing Awards.