Trainees' Committee

The Trainees' Committee is a Standing Committee of Council which represents the views and concerns of Core, Advanced, Subspecialty and Diploma trainees in the College's decision-making process.

The Terms of Reference

Trainees Committee Terms of Reference (PDF) 

Trainees Committee members 

Please email the College if you wish to contact a committee member. 
Representative Name
Chair (& VIC rep) Patricia Vosdoganes
Deputy Chair - AU (& NSW rep) Swetha Kumar
Deputy Chair - NZ (& NZ North rep) Rebecca Mackenzie-Proctor
WA Sebastian Leathersich
VIC Lachlan Brennan
NSW Maria Bernardi
QLD Timother Hasted
QLD Jessica Robertson
ACT Danica Vress
SA/NT Kate Martin
NZ South Island Alicia Mulligan
TAS Nicole Inglis
Overseas Trainees Preethi Nagubandi
CWH/Diploma Alyce Wilson
Subspecialties Jessica Caudwell-Hall
SIMGs Vacant
TAC Tanya Nippita
EAC Gillian Paulsen
Recent Fellow  Scott White
RANZCOG President Vijay Roach
RANZCOG CEO Vase Jovanoska


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