Support Resources – Trainees, Supervisors & Coordinators

This section provides a range of resources for all RANZCOG trainees and those involved in their training, including Training Supervisors, ITP Co-ordinators, regional Training Accreditation Committee Chairs, Subspecialty Committee Chairs, Mentors, consultants, senior registrars, other health professionals and hospital management.

Policies & Procedures

You can use the Policies & Procedures search tool for locating up-to-date policies covering a wide range of topics. Policies of particular relevance to supporting Trainees include (but are not limited to):

  • the Exceptional Circumstances, Special Consideration and Reconsideration Policy and Procedure
  • the Mentoring of Trainees in FRANZCOG Training Program Policy
  • the Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace Policy
  • the Trainee in Difficulty Policy
  • the Conflict of Interest Policy
  • various Appeals Procedures

Supporting Trainees in Difficulty


A Guide to Supporting Trainees in Difficulty

This document provides guidance on the identification, support and management of trainees who may be experiencing difficulty in meeting some of the challenges of the RANZCOG training programs.  It is designed to assist clinicians and other health professionals at RANZCOG-accredited training units involved in the supervision/mentoring/teaching/co-ordination of all RANZCOG trainees and Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) on the pathway to Fellowship. This guide should be consulted in conjunction with the RANZCOG Trainee in Difficulty Policy.

Learning Development Plans (LDP) for Trainees in Difficulty

Guidelines on preparing and implementing a Learning Development Plan (LDP) for trainees who may be experiencing difficulties have been approved by the RANZCOG Training Accreditation Committee and the Board.  The guidelines cover all aspects of the Learning Development Plan process - from how to determine when a trainee needs further development to implementing the LDP strategies agreed on between supervisor and trainee.

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) for Core & Advanced Trainees

The College has developed an online MSF tool to provide Training Supervisors with an effective way of gathering feedback and information about a trainee’s performance from various people who work with them. Use of this feedback tool is NOT compulsory but it can be used by the Training Supervisor as part of a remedial strategy to support a trainee who is experiencing difficulty in their training. For information on the MSF process and how to access it, refer to the Information Sheet below.

To request an MSF for a trainee, Training Supervisors can contact [email protected].


Trainee Support Plan (TSP)

The Trainee Support Plan (TSP) was an initiative approved in July 2020, following the approval to increase extended leave from 2 to 3 years in the FRANZCOG training program. The TSP does not replace the Learning Development Plan and can be used to support the following:

  • Trainees returning from extended leave to establish a return to training requirements
  • To address development/learning opportunities identified at a three-monthly formative assessment
  • To address development/learning opportunities and or a “not satisfactory” six monthly summative assessment
  • To support trainees with examination failure

The TSP is available as an interactive PDF that can be uploaded to MY.RANZCOG on completion and attached to a six monthly Summative Assessment.

Training Support Plan (TSP) (PDF)
Training Support Plan (TSP) - Guidelines (PDF)

Evidence-informed Facilitated Feedback

This document outlines how Training Supervisors and trainees can build rapport and relationships, provide and receive constructive feedback, explore the trainee’s understanding of the content of feedback, and how the trainee can be appropriately coached for performance change.

Evidence-Informed Facilitated Feedback (PDF)

Assessment and Feedback of Communication Skills

The RANZCOG Assessment and Feedback of Communication Skills checklist is an assessment tool intended for use at any level in the training program.  Its use is NOT compulsory.  The document is designed for the purposes of making a more accurate appraisal of a registrar’s communication difficulties in situations where such difficulties are suspected and is primarily intended as a tool to facilitate feedback to the trainee. 

Communication Skills assessment and feedback (PDF)

Trainees' Committee

Meet and contact all your current trainee representatives in New Zealand and the Australian States and Territories:

Trainee Representatives


More information

For further information please contact FRANZCOG Training Services:

Email: [email protected]



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