Training Supervisors & ITP Coordinators

Training Supervisors


FRANZCOG Training Supervisors for Basic/Advanced Trainees

A Training Supervisor for the FRANZCOG Training Program (Basic/Advanced) must be a Fellow of the RANZCOG, employed at a RANZCOG accredited training hospital. The Fellow may be a full-time or part-time staff specialist or, where appropriate, a Visiting Medical Officer (VMO). He/she is responsible for the overall supervision and mentoring of the Basic/Advanced trainee. All trainees must have a designated Training Supervisor. Training Supervisors are responsible for conducting the Formative Appraisals (three-monthly) and Summative Assessments (six-monthly) of their trainees using the appropriate RANZCOG documentation.


CPD POINTS: Training Supervisors can claim 5 points per trainee supervised to a maximum of 20 points per CPD period.

Appointment Process for FRANZCOG Training Supervisors

Training Supervisors must be formally approved by their relevant Training Accreditation Committee (TAC).

Prospective supervisors must submit the following to the Executive Officer at their relevant RANZCOG office:

  1. the FRANZCOG Training Supervisor Application form;
  2. an up-to-date CV, and
  3. certificates of completion of the CET (Clinical Educator Training) modules CET Part 1 & CET Part 2 

The application will be considered at the next meeting of the relevant Training Accreditation Committee.

RANZCOG Training Supervisor Workshops

Core/Advanced and Subspecialty Training Supervisors are required to attend a RANZCOG Training Supervisor workshop every 3 years of their appointment.

This seminar delves into the issues encountered by Training Supervisors as they balance a wide range of workplace demands, College requirements and trainee requests while supporting trainees on their learning journey.

The format for the day aims to be interactive, drawing upon your experience and the contributions of the facilitators, to resource you as a training supervisor.

There’ll be a range of strategies for you to replenish your supervisor toolkit.

For more information and to register for an upcoming workshop click here.

Resigning as a Training Supervisor

Training Supervisors must notify the Training Services Department at College House if they intend to resign from their position of Training Supervisor.

Supervision of O&G Trainees in Birthing Suite

The RANZCOG Board, in consultation with the Trainees’ Committee and the College Training Accreditation Committee, has developed guidelines on appropriate supervision of trainees in the Birthing Unit.  The attached document is for the information of registrars in the FRANZCOG Core & Advanced training programs and for Fellows involved in the supervision/hands on teaching of registrars in the birthing unit.

Guidelines: Supervision of O&G Trainees in Birthing Suite (PDF)


Integrated Training Program (ITP) Co-ordinators


ITP Coordinators

Co-ordinators of one of the Integrated Training Programs which comprise the greater RANZCOG Integrated Training Program must be a Fellow of the RANZCOG employed at one of the sites (usually the home/base hospital) in the relevant ITP. The Fellows may be a full-time or part-time staff specialist or, where appropriate, a visiting Medical Officer (VMO). He/she is responsible for the co-ordination of the ITP across the participating hospitals.

CPD POINTS: ITP Co-ordinators can claim a maximum of 25 points per CPD period.

Appointment Process for ITP Coordinators

ITP Co-ordinators must be formally approved by the relevant Regional/New Zealand Training Accreditation (TA) Committee They are usually Training Supervisors who have already been approved by the relevant TA Committee.

Resigning as an ITP Coordinator

ITP Coordinators must notify the Training Services Department at RANZCOG if they intend to resign from their position of ITP Coordinator.


More information

For assistance regarding Training Supervisors and ITP Coordinators, please contact  [email protected]

For assistance regarding the Training Supervisor workshops, please contact [email protected]



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