RANZCOG Ultrasound Workshop
(DRANZCOG Adv - optional)

Introduction to Ultrasound - Everything you need to know!

Limited places are available for DRANZCOG Adv trainees. CWH and DRANZCOG trainees are not eligible for this workshop.

This full day practical workshop developed by Associate Professor Janet Vaughan, focuses on basic ultrasound knowledge and skills. This workshop fulfils the requirement for post-December 2016 FRANZCOG trainees to undertake an approved Ultrasound Workshop in the first 2 years of training.

The five hours of practical hands-on scanning includes training in transabdominal and transvaginal imaging using a combination of pregnant women and pelvic phantoms. Five workstations are organised which enables interactive small group teaching. Each workstation has a pregnant subject, an experienced tutor and a Sonosite ultrasound machine.

Upcoming Workshops

Melbourne: 13 October 2019

Melbourne: 13 October 2019, 8.15am–4.45pm
RANZCOG College House, Melbourne

Sydney: 7 December 2019

Sydney: 7 December 2019, 8.15am–4.45pm
RANZCOG NSW Regional Office Suite 2, Ground Floor, 69 Christie St, St Leonards NSW 2065

Course Content

The knowledge component includes:

  1. First Trimester Pregnancy: Transabdominal and Transvaginal Approach and Measurement

  2. First Trimester Pregnancy: Normal Development and Viability

  3. Biometry

  4. Third Trimester Pregnancy: Assessment

  5. Documenting your Scans

The practical training includes:

  1. Hands-on Practical Session 1: The Ultrasound Machine

  2. Hands-on Practical Session 2: First Trimester Measurement and Assessment using the Transabdominal/Transvaginal Approach

  3. Hands-on Practical Session 3: Third Trimester Measurement and Assessment

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the technical aspects of generating an optimal ultrasound image.

  2. Understand normal ultrasound features of first and third trimester pregnancies.

  3. Develop scanning skills for first and third trimester of pregnancy.

  4. Develop documentation and  reporting skills.


More information

For further information regarding Obstetric Ultrasound Workshops: 

Workshop Coordinator 
Email: [email protected]




Professor John Newnham

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