Workshops & Courses

The following workshops and courses must be completed as part of the FRANZCOG training program.

Basic Obstetric Skills Workshop

All Year 1 Core Trainees are required to complete the Basic Obstetric Skill Workshop. The course is practical and involves a number of simulation skills stations. Skills/topics include:
  • intrapartum vaginal examination;
  • induction of labour;
  • spontaneous vaginal birth- 1st and 2nd stage of labour;
  • fetal scalp electrode;
  • fetal blood sampling;
  • pudendal block;
  • performing and repairing an episiotomy;
  • ventouse delivery in the occipito-anterior position;
  • vaginal outlet forceps delivery in the occipito-anterior position;
  • 3rd stage of labour including manual removal of the placenta;
  • perineal examination and recognition of 3rd and 4th degree tears;
  • management of PPH including Bakri balloon.
This workshop may be delivered in a variety of models e.g. by training site/ITP/region and as a stand-alone workshop or in tandem with the Foundations of Surgery Workshop. Your training unit will inform you about how and when the workshop will be delivered.
Once completed, submit your signed “Record of attendance at Basic Obstetric Skills Workshop” (located at the back of the Basic Obstetric Skills Workshop: Trainees’ Manual) via the Progress Summary page of MyRANZCOG. This requirement is due to be submitted by the end of Year 1 (52 weeks of Core time in training). Exemption from this requirement can be granted if an approved equivalent workshop or course has been completed in the 24 months prior to entry to the training program.
The workshop manual is available on CLIMATE.

Cultural competence

It was agreed by the Education Strategy Committee (ESC) and subsequently approved by the Board in November 2017 that training in cultural competency will be compulsory for trainees commencing from 1 December 2018. The requirement must be completed by 104 weeks Core Time in Training (CTIT). 

The NZ Training and Accreditation Committee of RANZCOG (NZTAC) has worked with the Māori/Indigenous Health Institute (MIHI) at the University of Otago to develop a comprehensive post-graduate course. To fulfil this requirement NZ trainees must complete Application of the Hui Process/Meihana Model to Clinical Practice. 

To fulfil this requirement Australian trainees must complete the relevant CLIMATE Modules Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Health and Cultural Competency and Intercultural Competency. These modules are available online now. 

To record completion of the requirement, log via the Additional Requirements page on My.RANZCOG.

Communication Skills Workshop

Communication skills training is a compulsory component of Basic training. Trainees are required complete this requirement by 104 weeks Basic time in training.

There will be a change to communication skills education in 2020 following feedback from trainees about the current workshop. We value trainees’ feedback and are regularly reviewing and implementing changes in response to trainee needs and best practice.

From early 2020, a series of online resources relating to communication skills will be the mandated requirements in place of attending the previously RANZCOG coordinated Communication Skills Workshop (CSW). These resources align to the curriculum and introduce trainees to skills and concepts to help in training. Trainees also confirmed that they would appreciate short, accessible face-to-face communications workshops; therefore, we will have initiated a project for commencement in 2020 to explore developing additional courses to support trainees and to supplement the online resources.

At times of change, there will be transition requirements.

For trainees who commenced training
prior to 1 December 2019
For trainees who commence training
after 1 December 2019
Trainees who have attended the RANZCOG Communication Skills Workshop (CSW) prior to 1 December 2019 will therefore be considered to have met the communications education requirement.
If the CSW was not attended prior to 1 December 2019, Trainees are now required to complete the RANZCOG communication skills module in CLIMATE to complete the training program requirement.
Trainees are required to complete the RANZCOG communication training module via CLIMATE. This will be available early in 2020.
Completion of the RANZCOG Communication Skills Workshop (CSW) or the RANZCOG communication training module via CLIMATE up to 24 months prior to commencement of training will be accepted.


Completion of communication skills requirement

There is no change to how trainees record completion of the requirement, be it attendance of a CSW or completion of the online module. A certificate of attendance/completion is uploaded via the ‘Additional Requirements’ page on My.RANZCOG at 

Progress Summary

Completion of training requirements including communication skills can be viewed on the ‘Progress Summary’ page of My.RANZCOG at 

Fetal Surveillance Education Programs


Completion of an approved Fetal Surveillance Education Program by the end of Year 1 is mandatory for all Core trainees who enter the training program as of 1 December 2008.

Approved programs

There are currently five (5) approved Programs, any one of which trainees can undertake for the purposes of completing this mandatory requirement.

They are:
  • RANZCOG Fetal Surveillance Education Program (Full Program)*
  • EFM Master Tutor
  • K2
  • Australian K2
  • King Edward Memorial Hospital Fetal Monitoring

Exemption from this requirement can be granted if an approved equivalent workshop or course has been completed in the 24 months prior to entry to the training program.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The RANZCOG FSEP Refresher Program and the OFSEP are follow-up courses to the RANZCOG FSEP Full Program and are NOT regarded as equivalent. 

*However, if trainees have previously done the FSEP Full Program within 2 years of the date when they commenced FRANZCOG training, they are not required to repeat the Full Program in order to meet the mandatory requirement.  Completion of the FSEP Refresher Program or the OFSEP by the end of Year 1 is acceptable – but only if the trainee can provide documentary evidence of having previously completed the FSEP Full Program within the 2-year timeframe.  


Foundations of Surgery Workshop

All Year 1 Core trainees in Australia and New Zealand are required to complete a compulsory 2–3 day course in basic surgical skills.

The course is practical and interactive covering:

  • principles of team surgery and theatre etiquette
  • handling instruments
  • knot tying
  • incision and closure
  • haemostasis
  • episiotomy
  • electrocautery
  • hysteroscopy
  • laparoscopy

Courses are organised in each Australian state, and New Zealand.

Trainees will be notified of the dates and venues of the course in their state/country, and will be sent instructions on how to register and learning recourses including a workshop manual and online modules.

Exemption from this requirement can be granted if an approved equivalent workshop or course has been completed in the 12 months prior to entry to the training program.

Australia 2020 Workshop Dates - for FRANZCOG Trainees Only 

Victoria/Tasmania Royal College of Surgeons (Skills Centre) - Melbourne Saturday, 29 February & Sunday, 1 March 2020             Registration only opern to VIC/TAS Trainees             
New South Wales/ACT Royal North Shore Hospital (Skills Centre) - Sydney Saturday, 14 March & Sunday, 15 March 2020  Registration only opern to NSW/ACT Trainees      
Queensland  Royal Brisbane and Womens’ Hospital (CSDS) - Brisbane Saturday, 28 March  & Sunday, 29 March 2020  Registration only opern to QLD Trainees      
South Australia Women’s and Children’s Hospital - Adelaide Saturday, 18 April & Sunday, 19 April 2020  Registration only opern to SA Trainees      
Western Australia   Day 1 King Edward Memorial Hospital/ Day 2 CTEC – Perth Thursday, 7 May & Friday, 8 May 2020  Registration only opern to WA Trainees      

New Zealand 2020 Workshop Dates - for FRANZCOG Trainees Only 

Wellington                     Wellington Hospital Simulation Centre                                      Thursday, 12 November & Friday, 13 November 2020  Contact Jude Kaveney: click here   

More information

Please email Training Services​ for more information: [email protected]

Neonatal Resuscitation In-hospital Training

All Core trainees must complete in-hospital neonatal resuscitation training which should be signed off by the relevant Training Facilitator on the sign-off sheet (PDF).

There is no specific neonatal resuscitation (NR) training module or workshop that trainees are required to complete. Trainees are expected to complete the NR requirement as part of their in-hospital training or by completing an appropriate course as required by their hospital.

Exemption from this requirement can be granted if an approved equivalent workshop or course has been completed in the 24 months prior to entry to the training program.

Ultrasound Workshops

College-approved Ultrasound Workshop/Course FRANZCOG Trainees Must Attend by End of Year 2 

As part of the revised ultrasound training program applicable to all trainees commencing as from December 2016, Core trainees are required to complete a RANZCOG-approved internal or external ultrasound workshop or course by the end of 104 weeks of Core Time in Training (ie end of Year 2). Exemption from this requirement can be granted if an approved equivalent workshop or course has been completed in the 24 months prior to entry to the training program.

Below is a list of currently approved workshop/courses.  The criteria for approval is the degree to which a workshop/course specifically meets the requirements for the Year 1/2 ultrasound syllabus.


RANZCOG Introduction to Ultrasound 

Location:  Various locations around Australia
Facilitator: Assoc Prof Janet Vaughan FRANZCOG COGU
Duration: 1 day (8.5 hours)
Workshop fee: $1,500
Workshop dates/venues: Refer to RANZCOG Ultrasound Workshop
Further information & registration: Ultrasound Workshop Coordinator [email protected]

RANZCOG Beginners Ultrasound Workshop

Location: Auckland City Hospital, NZ
Facilitator: Dr Audrey Long FRANZCOG
Duration: 2 days (16 hours)
Workshop fee: NZ$1,150.00 NZ
Workshop dates: Mid-February each year
Further information & registration: Jude Kaveney, NZ Regional Office tel +64 4 472 4608 email [email protected]


Core Obstetric Ultrasound for Registrars

Location: Ultrasound Training Solutions, Ivanhoe, Melbourne, VIC
Facilitators: Includes Dr Nicole Woodrow FRANZCOG DDU COGU MBioeth; Dr Suguna Ganesan FRANZCOG MMed DDU;& Dr Alice Robinson FRANZCOG; Ms Daniela Bonin Dip Apps Sc (Diagnostic Radiography) DMU AMS; & Ms Suean Pascoe B. App.Sc (MRT) Grad Dip MedUS AMS Cert IV workplace training.
Duration: 2 days (16.5 hours)
Workshop fee: $1760
Further information & registration:

Basic Skills in Obstetric and Gynaecology Ultrasound

Location: RPA Hospital, Fetal Medicine Department, Camperdown, Sydney, NSW
Facilitators: Dr Ritu Mogra-Mishra COGU, Prof Jon Hyett FRANZCOG, Dr Robert Ogle FRANZCOG, Dr Rajit Narayan MFM, Dr Greg Kesby MFM
Duration: 1 day (9.00 hours)
Workshop fee: $500
Further information & registration: Dr Ritua Mogra-Mishra email: [email protected] or [email protected] ​

Introduction to Obstetric Ultrasound

Location: Australian Institute of Ultrasound (AIU), Gold Coast, Queensland.
Facilitators: A/Prof Ash Hanafy MBBCH FRANZCOG; Dr Jackie Chua MBBS FRANZCOG DDU COGU; A/Prof Robert Cincotta MBBS FRANZCOG DDU CMFM; Angela Moffat DMU Grad Dip App Sc (Med Ultrasonography) AMS DCR (Radiography UK); Claire Arrowsmith MSc (ultrasound) Pg DMU DCR AMS Cert IV training & assessment; Julianne Barry BAppSc (MRT) Grad Dip Medical Ultrasound (with distinction) AMS
Duration: 2 days
Workshop fee: $1800
Further information & registration:

Ultrasound Short Course: Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Location: Australian Institute of Healthcare Education
Duration: 2 days
Workshop fee: $1550
Further information & registration:





Professor John Newnham

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