Online Portfolio Support for Six-monthly Summative Assessment

All Six-monthly Summative Assessment Reports are conducted online through the FRANZCOG Online Portfolio available in My.RANZCOG.

6-Monthly Online Assessment Process - flow chart (PDF)

The College has developed the following resources to assist trainees and Training Supervisors in completing their Six-monthly Summative Assessment Report using the online system.




Consultant Assessment of Trainee Form

(for Six-monthly Summative Assessments of Core/Advanced Trainees)

The Consultant Assessment of Trainee survey, which a consultant who has worked with a trainee must complete as part of the six-monthly summative assessment process, is now available on the College's online training portfolio. 

Credit for training

Training time is credited following a satisfactory 6-monthly Summative Assessment. Trainees can view their credited training time on the Time Summary page of My.RANZCOG.

More information

If you require additional support or have any questions, please contact:

Email: [email protected]



Working together to act on endometriosis

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Bringing together the Pacific family

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Women's Health

Updated advice on Pertussis immunisation in pregnancy

Updated advice on timing of Pertussis immunisation in pregnancy in line with the Australian Immunisation Handbook 10th Edition (updated March 2019).