Research Project

Both Core & Advanced Trainees

All trainees entering the FRANZCOG training program from 1 December 2017 are required to meet their research requirements based on the new Points-based Research Study model and must accrue 4 research points by the end of 52 weeks FTE of time in training in the Advanced Training component of the FRANZCOG Training Program. 
Trainees commencing before 1 December 2017 should continue with the current Research Study requirements as described in the College Regulation, B9.

In some circumstances, trainees may be exempt from undertaking further research (please refer to the College Regulations B8/B9).

More information on submission requirements, and the criteria for assessment of Research, may be found in the College Regulations and the FRANZCOG Training Handbook.

Online resources

Trainees are encouraged to work through the research modules that can be found on the CLIMATE e-learning site.


Applications & Submissions

Points-based Research Submissions

For all trainees entering the FRANZCOG training program from 1 December 2017 or those who have opted into the Points-based Research model: 

Approved Research Activities
Approved Research Activities (PDF) and their associated points allocation.

Planned Research Activities

Trainees are strongly encouraged to discuss with their Training Supervisor how they plan to carry out their research activities during their time in training.  The Planned Research Activity form (Word) can be used to facilitate this discussion.  We suggest trainees complete the discussion, and have the form signed by their Training Supervisor, no later than the end of 104 FTE weeks of time in training in the FRANZCOG Core Training Program.  A copy should be uploaded to the Additional Requirements page of My.RANZCOG, using the Research Proposal option.

Research Activity Submissions
Completed research must be submitted using the Notification of Research Activity form (Word) and uploaded, along with relevant supporting documentation, to the Additional Requirements page of My.RANZCOG, using the Research Proposal option.

Research Study Submissions

For trainees commencing before 1 December 2017 who have not opted into the Points-based Research model:

Trainees are required to submit a Research Project to the College for assessment. A Research Project Proposal must be submitted to the College, and approved, before the Research Project can be started. The research topic must be in the health sciences.

Please upload your Research Proposal form (Word) or Research Project form (Word), and Research Supervisor Endorsement form (Word), together with supporting documentation, to the Additional Requirements page of My.RANZCOG, using either the Research Proposal or Project option. 

Exemption from the Research Project 

Trainees commencing before 1 December 2017 may be exempted from undertaking the Research Study if they possess a formal higher research degree qualification or have successfully completed an honours (by research) year in biomedical sciences (Regulation B9.4.1), or on the grounds of prior publication of research (Regulation B9.4.2).

Any prior, first author publication in English in a peer reviewed journal devoted to a branch of the biomedical sciences may be submitted to College House. If judged to be of an equivalent standard to that expected of RANZCOG Research Study, the previously published research may be approved as meeting the requirement of satisfactory completion of RANZCOG Research Study.

Please upload your Research Project Exemption form (Word), together with any supporting documentation, to the Additional Requirements page of My.RANZCOG, using the Research Project option. 



Research Skills Workshop


The Research Skills Workshop is an optional workshop designed to assist trainees with the development of their Research. The workshop aims to provide trainees with an understanding of evidence based medicine principles and research design and the skills to critically appraise the literature. As part of the workshop, individual trainees’ studies may be discussed and feedback provided.

Attendance at an approved Research Skills Workshop may be considered as a Research Activity under the Points-based model.

2019 Research Skills Workshop dates

Saturday 8 June AUCKLAND NZ
Grand Mecure Hotel, Auckland
Register for the Auckland Workshop
Saturday 22 June SYDNEY NSW
RANZCOG NSW Regional Office 
Register for the Sydney Workshop
Friday 20 September PERTH WA
Agnes Walsh Lounge, King Edward Memorial Hospital

Register for the Perth Workshop

Please note: There will be a fourth Research Skills Workshop coordinated in conjunction with the ASM which will be held in Melbourne over 13 - 16 October. Further information will be updated shortly.

There is a maximum of 20 participants per course. Priority will be given based on date of receipt of application. 


More information

For more information on Research Projects please contact: 

Email: [email protected]



Professor John Newnham

It is with great pleasure and pride that RANZCOG acknowledges Professor John Newnham, as the first fellow to be awarded the highest honour of Senior Australian of the Year.




RANZCOG Organisational Values

In late 2019, a College Organisational Values Working Group was established and tasked with developing a unique set of shared values, defined by our common vision, for members, trainees and College staff.



Advocacy from East to West: Marwan Shawki

Marwan Shawki wants to strengthen the bonds between Australia and the Middle East, like he once did between the US and Iraq.