Logbook & Training Assessment Record Book (TAR)


RANZCOG will provide all FRANZCOG trainees with an online logbook to record their procedures, clinics and scans. Use of the online logbook is mandatory for all FRANZCOG trainees. Features of the online logbook include predictive search for procedures, default hospital settings, and automatic classification and tallying of entries. Importantly, logbook entries made during a semester will be accessible for supervisors to review online as part of the six-monthly assessment process.

The logbook is now accessible via any web browser as both a desktop and mobile-friendly interface.



Primary Operator definition

Where a trainee performs at least 50% of the relevant procedure, he/she must record that case as primary operator. It is not necessary to open and close, or to be primary operator for an entire case. For cases with multiple procedures, there may be more than one primary operator. For example, primary operator can be claimed when the trainee assists the supervisor on one side and then performs the other side with the supervisor assisting.

Direct Supervisor can be logged when a more experienced trainee supervises a more junior trainee who is performing the procedure. Trainees who act as direct supervisor must have been credentialed to perform the procedure, or must have completed the relevant APSS.

The above definitions are to be used for eLog entry.  A health service may choose to record “primary operator” in a different manner but for the eLog, performing 50% of the procedure must be logged as “primary operator”.


Training Assessment Record (TAR)

The implementation of the online portfolio system for assessment documentation will mean that eventually the TAR containing hard copies of each trainee's assessment documentation will become obsolete. However, those trainees who have already been provided with a printed copy of the TAR should continue to maintain it until further notice. These trainees are still expected to show their complete TAR to their Training Supervisor on commencing each new rotation.





RANZCOG statement

RANZCOG notes the press release from the Australian College of Midwives (ACM) regarding water immersion in labour.



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The RANZCOG Women’s Health Foundation makes a difference to women’s health care across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, and Jen Jordan has joined the College to help with this work.



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