Online Portfolio Support for Three-monthly Formative Appraisal

The Formative Appraisal Report must be completed at the three-monthly stage of every six-month period. The online form replaces all previous RANZCOG Three-monthly Formative Appraisal documentation and is to be used for all trainees. The appraisal document is an important record of the trainee’s performance and progress. 

All Three-monthly Formative Appraisals are conducted online through the online portfolio My.RANZCOG. The College has developed the following resources to assist trainees and Training Supervisors in completing their Three-monthly Formative Appraisal using the online system.



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Key attributes

Key attribute categories from three- and six-monthly reports



This sample of a completed 3-monthly appraisal form is intended only as a guide to trainees on how to comment/self-reflect on each of the competencies listed on the form:


Training Supervisors

View the demonstration video outlining the step-by-step process for completing the Three-monthly Formative Appraisal online for both trainees and Training Supervisors.


General notes for Trainees and Supervisors

  • Three-monthly Formative Appraisals of a trainee’s knowledge, skills and attitudes are COMPULSORY.
  • It is strongly recommended that both trainees and Training Supervisors view the online module that has been developed on how to conduct appraisals
  • The trainee MUST complete a self-assessment of their strengths and challenges on this form BEFORE meeting with their Training Supervisor to discuss their performance during the relevant three-month training period.
  • It is the responsibility of the trainee to ensure that their Training Supervisor is available to meet with the trainee to discuss the appraisal prior to submission.  
  • The Training Supervisor MUST identify and discuss strengths and areas for improvement with the trainee.
  • Every box must be completed by the trainee. Where areas for improvement and/or conflicting views are highlighted, the Training Supervisor must provide feedback.
  • Where significant deficiencies are identified, an action plan to address these should be discussed and implemented.
  • If the Training Supervisor thinks the trainee would benefit from focussed remediation in one or more areas, the Learning Development Plan can be used.
  • Both parties must review the comments and declare that they have discussed the appraisal.


Overview of the FRANZCOG Online Portfolio for Training Supervisors

Training Supervisors can also view a demonstration video covering the online Three-monthly Formative Appraisal, Logbook and Additional Requirements (APSS, IHCAs, Mandatory Workshops etc.).

More information

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