Training Site Accreditation

FRANZCOG Training Program Accreditation Standards

The following standards are considered necessary for the provision of effective training and support for trainees in the FRANZCOG Training Program.

  1. Appointment and support of ITP Coordinators.
  2. Appointment and support of Training Supervisors.
  3. Consultant Involvement with and support for FRANZCOG trainees.
  4. Provision of clinical supervision and experience. 
  5. Provision of structured education programs, teaching sessions and learning opportunities. 
  6. Workplace culture, registrar staffing, safe working hours, leave arrangements and assistance for rural rotations. 

For full details of these standards and the associated criteria, please refer to the Accreditation Standards and Guidelines for Hospitals in the FRANZCOG Training Program. Please note that this document is the Revised Accreditation Standards and Guidelines that now cover both Core and Advanced Training. This document replaces the previous publication Accreditation of Hospitals in the RANZCOG ITP: Standards and Procedures (November 2006).

Initial Accreditation of Training Sites 

Hospitals wishing to apply for accreditation as a training site for FRANZCOG Training must complete an Application for Accreditation as a Training site in the Core Training Program (docx, 89 kb) demonstrating the site’s capacity to meet the College’s accreditation standards. This application must be supported by the relevant Regional Training Accreditation Committee.

An initial site visit is then conducted by the College. This visit is conducted by a team from the College comprising a RANZCOG Fellow from another training region, a member of the relevant Regional Training Accreditation Committee, a trainee representative and a senior member of the RANZCOG staff. The team’s brief is to assess the degree to which the hospital will be able to meet the College’s accreditation standards and guidelines. The visit includes interviews with O&G trainees, the Head of Department, consultants, senior midwifery and nursing staff, and hospital management. In addition, the team attends morning handover and tours the O&G Department’s facilities. 

For full details of the initial accreditation process, please refer to the above Accreditation Standards and Guidelines for Hospitals in the FRANZCOG Training Program (July 2016).


For information relating to hospital accreditation please contact: 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 03 9412 2916



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