FRANZCOG Examination Resources

A range of resources are provided to assist FRANZCOG trainees in their preparation for the College examinations. 

FRANZCOG Curriculum

The FRANZCOG curriculum  describes the knowledge and aspects of practice where competency is expected and assessed.

CLIMATE eLearning

CLIMATE eLearning provides online learning support for RANZCOG trainees – access learning modules and Landmark Clinical Trials.

Pearson VUE

RANZCOG written examinations are delivered electronically by Pearson VUE. Trainees sitting the written examinations are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Pearson VUE examination system.

Short Answer Question (SAQ) Examination

A guide to completing the SAQ examination and reviews of recent FRANZCOG SAQ examinations are available. The reviews contain commentaries from the Examination Coordinators on the questions and an overall indication of what was expected of candidates in this component of the examination. These resources are accessed via the RANZCOG Online Assessment portal.

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Examination

100 MCQs have been released from the FRANZCOG MCQ question bank. These questions, some of which may be used in the written examinations, can be accessed via the RANZCOG Online Assessment portal.

Pre-examination Workshops

FRANZCOG Written Examination Revision courses are organised by the Regional Offices. Trainees who are interested in participating at these workshops are advised to contact their local office or the regional office where the workshop is held.

FRANZCOG Written Examination Resources

FRANZCOG Oral Examination Resources



Improve and promote the health of mothers and babies

An internationally renowned obstetrician, Professor Lesley McCowan, CNZM, has worked tirelessly to improve and promote the health of mothers and babies.



Focusing on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding provides your baby with the best possible start in life.



Fireside Chat with RANZCOG

Please come along to a Fireside Chat with RANZCOG on August 18.