FRANZCOG Examinations

Trainees enrolled in the FRANZCOG Training Program must complete the FRANZCOG Written and Oral Examinations. 

The FRANZCOG Written and Oral Examinations are held twice yearly. 


2019 & 2020 Examination Dates
2019 Examinations
Examination  Date Applications Open  Applications Close
Written exams
2 February 2019 1 October 2018 Applications are now closed for all 2019 exams
12 July 2019 1 March 2019
Oral exams
19 May 2019 1 October 2018
27 October 2019 1 March 2019
2020 Examinations
Examination  Date Applications Open  Applications Close
Written exams
31 January 2020 1 October 2019 5:00PM AEDT
31 October 2019 
17 July 2020 2 March 2020 5:00PM AEST,
19 April 2020
Oral exams
17 May 2020 1 October 2019 5:00PM AEDT
31 October 2019 
18 October 2020 2 March 2020 5:00PM AEST,
19 April 2020

Applications close at 5pm AEDT or AEST (date dependent). Late applications will not be accepted.

Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) who wish to sit the FRANZCOG Written Examination and the FRANZCOG Oral Examination in the same semester must apply for both examinations by the stipulated closing date.

Examination Applications

Those seeking to apply to sit examinations can view Examination Applications for more information on the application process, and links to the online application forms.

Examination Fees

You can view the current fees under Assessment & Examination Fees on the Fees page.


Before submitting an examination application please refer to the RANZCOG Regulations to check eligibility requirements.

FRANZCOG: Written Examination Information


Examination Format

Number of questions 6 6 100
Number of marks 90 90 100
Examination duration 120 mins 120 mins 120 mins
Relative weighting 64% 36%

Two breaks will be offered during the examination. A 30 minute break will be offered after SAQ 1 and a 60 minute break will be offered after SAQ 2.

Candidates are required to sit all RANZCOG Examinations in an electronic format. Any requests for examination accommodations must be made by application for Special Consideration accompanied by evidence of the exceptional grounds for the application.

Examination Resources

For FRANZCOG written examination resources, please log in to your assessment portal.

Pre-examination Workshops: FRANZCOG Written Examination Revision courses are organised by the Regional Offices. Trainees who are interested in participating at these workshops are advised to contact their local regional office.

FRANZCOG: Oral Examination Information

The examination follows an SOE (Structured Oral Examination) format: 


  • The examination comprises 10 stations developed from the fields of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Each station is scored out of 20 marks; a total of 200 marks are available in the examination
  • Stations will be scored using a global scoring method
  • Candidates are allowed four (4) minutes reading time before each station and are examined for 12 minutes at each station. 
    • Note: Previously the first station of each examination included an additional 2 minutes of interaction time. As of 2019, this additional time will no longer be provided. 


Global scoring of candidate performance

Candidate performance will be assessed according to the following domains.  A selection of these domains will be assessed within each station.

  • History and Examination
  • Investigations and Interpreting Results
  • Treatment/Management
  • Clinical Knowledge
  • Complex, Urgent or Unusual Clinical Presentations
  • Appropriate Prioritisation of Patient Management
  • Rapport with Patient, Support Person and/or Colleague
  • Respect of Patient, Support Person and/or Colleague
  • Communication Skills


Availability of Places

The College may limit the number of candidates accepted for the FRANZCOG Oral Examination on any occasion, acceptance being based on the following priority order:
  1. the time remaining for individual applicants to complete the requirements of the Integrated Training Program or their SIMG pathway to Fellowship as applicable; and
  2. the date and time on which applications are received by the Examinations Administrator at College House. Applications to sit the examination will only be considered where the applicant has met all eligibility requirements.
Notwithstanding the provision of this regulation, the College reserves the right to determine candidates for acceptance at examination. The decision of the College shall be final and binding. The decision of the College in this regard shall not be reviewable or subject to appeal. Applications for examinations are made on this basis, and with implicit agreement to these terms.


FRANZCOG Oral Examination Venue

The FRANZCOG Oral Examination will be held at The Royal Women’s Hospital and/or The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville Melbourne.

FRANZCOG: Oral Examination Resources

Examination Tools

A range of resources are provided to assist FRANZCOG trainees in their preparation for the College examinations.
  • The FRANZCOG curriculum  describes the knowledge and aspects of practice where competency is expected and assessed.
  • CLIMATE eLearning provides online learning support for RANZCOG trainees – access learning modules and Landmark Clinical Trials.
  • RANZCOG written examinations are delivered electronically by Pearson VUE. Trainees sitting the written examinations are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Pearson VUE examination system.

Examination Results

Those who have recently undertaken examinations can view Examination Results for instructions on how to log in and access their results.


More information

For enquiries regarding FRANZCOG examinations: 

Email: [email protected]




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