Workplace-based Assessments & Case Syntheses

Workplace-based Assessments (WBAs)

Workplace-based Assessments (WBAs) are paper-based assessments of a trainee's clinical skills during a normal working day in real clinical patient encounters. When a trainee is involved in a clinical encounter or performing a procedure that may be assessed, a suitable Assessor utilises the relevant form to assess the trainee's performance against the standards described for each criterion.

Details on Workplace-based Assessments


Case Syntheses

Trainees must submit for assessment five (5) de-identified written Case Syntheses on a range of obstetric conditions. 
Cases selected must:
  • be particularly unusual and/or problematic;
  • be based on patients under the care of the trainee during their DRANZCOG Advanced training;
  • be relevant and valuable to the candidate's current and/or intended practice, and
  • require the candidate to undertake research so that the final synthesis of each case is representative of evidence-based best practice.

Details on case syntheses

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