Process for obtaining the CWH, DRANZCOG or DRANZCOG Advanced Certificate

The CWH, DRANZCOG & DRANZCOG Advanced Certificates are awarded to persons who have satisfactorily met all the assessment and procedural requirements of the relevant training program/s. It is the responsibility of the trainee to submit to the RANZCOG Training Services Department the appropriate application form for certification available to download below.

Please note that certificates are not automatically generated.

Trainees must consult the relevant regulations detailed in the CWH, DRANZCOG & DRANZCOG Advanced Handbook to ensure they are eligible for certification.

Certification forms


Submit application forms to

CWH/Diploma Training Programs

Email: [email protected]
Fax: +61 3 9419 7817
Post: RANZCOG College House
254-260 Albert Street
East Melbourne VIC 3002



Working together to act on endometriosis

With new data confirming the prevalence of endometriosis in Australia, RANZCOG's work to develop guidelines to manage this complex disease is well underway.



Bringing together the Pacific family

RANZCOG’s vision in global health is to improve the health of women and their families, particularly in our geographical region.


Women's Health

Updated advice on Pertussis immunisation in pregnancy

Updated advice on timing of Pertussis immunisation in pregnancy in line with the Australian Immunisation Handbook 10th Edition (updated March 2019).