Training Requirements

This page is an information and resource hub for those undertaking the Certificate of Women's Health (CWH), Diploma (DRANZCOG) and Advanced GP Diploma (DRANZCOG Advanced).



The Logbook enables trainees to maintain a daily record of their experience relevant to the training undertaken. It is used by the Training Mentor or Training Supervisor(s) and Chair of the relevant State Reference Committee (SRC) to monitor the trainee's experience to ensure that it is appropriate for the level of training. The information in trainee logbooks is also used by RANZCOG to monitor each trainee's training experience.

Logbooks are mailed to trainees, along with a Training Orientation pack, upon Registration/Prospective Approval of Training.

Workplace-based Assessments & Case Syntheses

Workplace-based Assessments (WBAs)

Workplace-based Assessments (WBAs) are paper-based assessments of a trainee's clinical skills during a normal working day in real clinical patient encounters. When a trainee is involved in a clinical encounter or performing a procedure that may be assessed, a suitable Assessor utilises the relevant form to assess the trainee's performance against the standards described for each criterion.

More information and forms for Workplace-based Assessments.


Case Syntheses

Trainees must submit for assessment five (5) de-identified written Case Syntheses on a range of obstetric conditions. 
Cases selected must:
  • be particularly unusual and/or problematic;
  • be based on patients under the care of the trainee during their DRANZCOG Advanced training;
  • be relevant and valuable to the candidate's current and/or intended practice, and
  • require the candidate to undertake research so that the final synthesis of each case is representative of evidence-based best practice.

More information and forms for case syntheses.

DRANZCOG Advanced: Formative Appraisals & Summative Assessments

Note: This assessment process is for DRANZCOG Advanced trainees only. 

DRANZCOG Advanced Formative Appraisal

The Formative Appraisal is a feedback tool that provides Trainees with feedback on their progress and performance in the DRANZCOG Advanced Training program.

The formative appraisal is not compulsory however trainees are strongly encouraged to complete a Formative Appraisal with their Training Supervisor in the last 3‐6 months of their training to identify strengths and areas for further development and improvement. The timing of the appraisal should enable Trainees to plan the remainder of their training time and to use the feedback to guide and facilitate their preparation for the final Summative Assessment, which is an assessment requirement and uses the same criteria. 

It is strongly recommended that both Trainees and Training Supervisors view the online module on how to conduct appraisals that has been developed for the FRANZCOG Training program.

DRANZCOG Advanced Formative Appraisal form and instructions (PDF)

DRANZCOG Advanced Summative Assessment

The Summative Assessment is completed by the Training Supervisor(s) to assess the performance of the Trainee against standard domains and criteria to verify their ability to practice obstetrics independently at the end of the DRANZCOG Advanced Training program. 

The Summative Assessment is an assessment requirement for Trainees who commenced training on or after 1st January 2017.

The assessment should be undertaken when the Trainee is in the last months of DRANZCOG Advanced Training.

DRANZCOG Advanced Summative Assessment form and instructions (PDF)

Trainee Assessment Feedback Questionnaire

This is a confidential, compulsory questionnaire (not for assessment purposes) which trainees are required to complete and submit to the RANZCOG at the completion of DRANZCOG or DRANZCOG Advanced training.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to assess the training hospitals rather than individuals within hospitals, so that future training can be modified and improved. The questionnaire asks trainees to rate and comment on various aspects of their training, including the standard of supervision and appropriate clinical experience.

Information collated from the completed questionnaires is referred to the Training, Accreditation and Recertification (TAR) Subcommittee of the Conjoint Committee for the Diploma of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (CCDOG). Trainees may submit the questionnaire anonymously if they prefer.

Trainee Feedback Questionnaire - DRANZCOG & DRANZCOG Advanced (Word)

DRANZCOG Advanced: Learning Development Plan for Trainees in Difficulty

The Learning Development Plan (LDP) is to be used when significant concerns about a Trainee’s performance and progress are identified in the Formative and/or Summative Assessments. The Learning Development Plan is developed through consultation between the Trainee and the Training Supervisor(s).  Regular review of the Plan with the Trainee will allow the Training Supervisor(s) to assess their progress.

Learning Development Plan (LDP) for DRANZCOG Advanced Trainees and Supervisors (PDF)


DRANZCOG Adv: Ultrasound Workshop (optional)

Limited places are available for DRANZCOG Adv trainees in this workshop for FRANZCOG trainees. CWH and DRANZCOG trainees are not eligible for this workshop.

The five hours of practical hands-on scanning includes training in transabdominal and transvaginal imaging using a combination of pregnant women and pelvic phantoms. Five workstations are organised which enables interactive small group teaching. Each workstation has a pregnant subject, an experienced tutor and a Sonosite ultrasound machine.

For more information see: Introduction to Ultrasound - Everything you need to know!

Other approved Ultrasound courses

See 'Ultrasound Workshops' on the Specialist Workshops & Courses page for information on other ultrasound courses/workshops approved by the College for the new Year 1 & 2 ultrasound training requirements.

Basic Obstetric Skills Workshop

All DRANZCOG Advanced trainees commencing training from 1 January 2018 are required to complete the Basic Obstetric Skills Workshop. The course is practical and involves a number of simulation skills stations. For a list of skills/topics included, see Basic Obstetric Skills Workshop on the Specialist pages.

This workshop is generally conducted at the accredited training site, offering flexibility, and can be undertaken as a full-day workshop, two half-days, or over several weekly or fortnightly sessions.

Once completed, submit with your completed DA Logbook your signed “Record of attendance at Basic Obstetric Skills Workshop” (located at the back of the Basic Obstetric Skills Workshop Manual).
The workshop manual is available on CLIMATE.



Constitution and Regulations

The RANZCOG Constitution outlines the principles according to which RANZCOG is governed, and the RANZCOG Regulations guide the conduct and management of the College. Click below to read both documents.

RANZCOG Constitution & Regulations


Visit Annual Fees for a current list of fees relating to Certificate & Diploma trainees.

Apply for Certification

Process for obtaining the CWH, DRANZCOG or DRANZCOG Advanced Certificate

The CWH, DRANZCOG & DRANZCOG Advanced Certificates are awarded to persons who have satisfactorily met all the assessment and procedural requirements of the relevant training program/s. It is the responsibility of the trainee to submit to the RANZCOG Training Services Department the appropriate application form for certification available to download below.

Please note that certificates are not automatically generated.

Trainees must consult the relevant regulations detailed in the CWH, DRANZCOG & DRANZCOG Advanced Handbook to ensure they are eligible for certification.

Certification forms

Application for Register of Certificate Holders (PDF)
Application for Register of Diplomates (PDF)
Application for Register of Advanced Diplomates (PDF)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

For CPD requirements for Certificate and Diploma trainees, please see Continuing Professional Development.


More information

For further information relating to the CWH, DRANZCOG, and DRANZCOG Advanced:

Email: [email protected]



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