Prevocational Pathway

The Prevocational Pathway establishes foundation-level knowledge and skills in obstetrics and gynaecology, with a focus on preparing prevocational doctors for entry into the Fellowship of RANZCOG specialist training program.


By connecting prevocational doctors with resources and self-guided learning activities, the Prevocational Pathway provides:

opportunities to acquire core knowledge and skills before commencing specialist training

ongoing professional development for participants who are in a transition period while seeking entry to the Fellowship of FRANZCOG (FRANZCOG) training program

practical skills training via workshops relevant to the FRANZCOG training program

six points in the FRANZCOG trainee selection process (under the ‘Professional’ category in the CV application scoring)

This training pathway is intended for post-graduate year 1 and 2 (PGY1 and PGY2) medical graduates, and other doctors seeking to further specialise after completing the Certificate of Women’s Health,RANZCOG Associate Training Program (Procedural) (PTP) or RANZCOG Associate Training Program (Advanced Procedural) (APTP).


In Australia, doctors must have completed and maintained the Certificate of Women’s Health, PTP or APTP.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, doctors must meet one of the eligibility requirements listed below.


University of Auckland Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHSc)

University of Otago Postgraduate Certificate in Women’s Health (PGCertWHlth)

Completed or enrolled into:

University of Auckland Postgraduate Diploma in Obstetrics and Medical Gynaecology (PGDipOMG)

University of Otago Postgraduate Diploma in Obstetrics and Medical Gynaecology (PGDipOMG)

Please note that you must upload evidence of your enrolment into the PGDipOMG when applying for the Prevocational Pathway.

Additionally, you must provide evidence that you’ve completed the PGDipOMG to receive your Prevocational Pathway certification.

Important dates and deadlines

Access to the Prevocational Pathway (PVP) lasts for two years from the date of enrolment. If you do not complete your training within this timeframe, you will need to re-enrol.

FRANZCOG National Selection

Applications to the PVP Program close three weeks before the closing date of the annual FRANZCOG trainee selection applications. 

Doctors wishing to apply for the FRANZCOG training program must fulfil all PVP requirements at least two weeks before the closing date for trainee selection applications. This allows the College sufficient time to verify all documentation before the selection deadline. 

Please note: For FRANZCOG Selection applicants, your PVP completion status is internally checked and provided directly to the Selection team. Therefore, you do not need to submit a copy of your certificate with your application. 

For more details about selection dates, please see the FRANZCOG Trainee Selection page


Doctors wishing to undertake the Prevocational Pathway can apply online here throughout the year. However, please be aware we do not process new applications to PVP in the three weeks leading up to FRANZCOG trainee selection applications closing. This period is dedicated to verifying the documentation of those already enrolled in the program.

Please note that the application asks you to provide proof that you’ve completed one of the following:

Certificate of Women’s Health, PTP, or APTP.

(or a Letter of Participation confirming that you’ve completed the training requirements and you’re awaiting ratification of results)

Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHSc), Postgraduate Certificate in Women’s Health (PGCertWHlth), or Postgraduate Diploma in Obstetrics and Medical Gynaecology (PGDipOMG)

(or an official confirmation of enrolment for the PGDipOMG)

Please note that proof of eligibility must be issued by your university. Online print-outs will not be accepted.

If you hold qualifications in both Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, either one will be eligible.

To minimise delays in processing, please ensure that the information and documentation you provide is true, accurate and meets the specified criteria.

Course content

The Prevocational Pathway consists of 12 online modules and three workshops that you can work through in any order, and at your own pace (within two years from the date of subscription).


Each module includes access to dynamic resources, self-guided learning activities and a short online assessment. It will take you approximately 33 hours to complete all 12 modules.

Module topics include:


maternal physiology in pregnancy

placental physiology

neonatal physiology

physiological responses to surgery

long-acting reversible contraception

intercultural learning


management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and STI syndromes

developing effective communication skills

feedback for trainees

helping patients make informed decisions

Doctors must achieve an assessment score of at least 80 per cent to pass each module. Multiple attempts of each module are permitted.


Workshops promote active learning and include practical activities to optimise your participation.

To meet course requirements, you must complete three workshops in the following areas:

Fetal surveillance

Neonatal resuscitation

Basic obstetrics skills

Doctors are responsible for making their own arrangements to complete these workshops and for all associated costs. Please see the section on Workshop Providers below for a non-exhaustive list of options you may wish to consider.

If you’re offered a place in the FRANZCOG training program, you may be exempt from repeating these workshops, if they meet RANZCOG training requirements and were completed within the two years before entry into the FRANZCOG training program.

Workshop criteria

Each of the three workshops must meet the following criteria:

Duration:Four hours or more
Delivery format:Face-to-face, or a combination of face-to-face and online*
Evidence:Official certificate of completion (or official letter from the provider or assessor in the absence of a certificate)
Validity:Completion within two years from your date of enrolment into the Prevocational Pathway

*The RANZCOG Online Fetal Surveillance Education Program (OFSEP) is an exception to this requirement — it is a comprehensive, fully online program and is accepted for the fetal surveillance requirement.

If you complete a single workshop:

it must include a face-to-face component

the four hours may include pre-reading, but this must be noted in the evidence of completion

If you complete a combination of online and face-to-face workshops:

the combination must total four hours or more

all online modules must be completed within a year

certificates of completion for each module must be merged into one document and submitted together

Workshop providers

Please note that the below list of workshop examples is provided for information purposes only. The list is non-exhaustive and does not imply endorsement by RANZCOG.

Fetal surveillance

FSEP: Fetal Surveillance Education Program
(face-to-face program)
OFSEP: Online Fetal Surveillance Education Program
(online certificate; exempt from face-to-face requirement)
Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) Master TutorIntelliLearn
Perinatal Training Programme (PTP)*K2 Medical Systems
Perinatal Training Programme (PTP) Australia*K2 Medical Systems
Advanced Fetal AssessmentKing Edward Memorial Hospital (WA Health)
Fetal Safety Education — replacing the Fetal welfare, Obstetric emergencies and Neonatal resuscitation Training (FONT) program in NSWNSW Health

*Minimum modules to be completed include: Antenatal CTG: The non-stress test; Cord blood gas; Errors and limitations in fetal monitoring; Fetal physiology; Intrapartum cardiotocography; Intrapartum intermittent auscultati.

Neonatal resuscitation

Intermediate and advanced courses of four hours or more in durationNeoResus
First ResponseNeoResus
Face-to-face courses and online modulesHealth Education and Training Institute (HETI)
Neonatal Resuscitation (NeoResus)Mater Education
Newborn Life SupportNew Zealand Resuscitation Council
Newborn Life Support (one-day course)Western Health

Basic obstetrics skills

ProgramProvider / Details
Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO)Advanced Maternal and Reproductive Education (AMaRE)
Preparation in Maternity Safety (ALSO, PIMS)AMaRE
Advancing in Maternity Safety (ALSO part 2 AIMS)AMaRE
Maternity and Newborn Emergencies (MANE) program
Interdisciplinary Training in the Management of Obstetric Emergencies (InTime)
Basic Obstetric Skills WorkshopFiona Stanley Hospital
SMaRT Obstetrics Emergencies Course 
Maternity Education Program Advanced (MEP-Adv) courses
BOSS (Basic Obstetrics Skills Station)Mater Education
NOVICE (Novice Obstetrics and Gynaecology Prevocational Interactive Clinical Education)Mater Education
Rural Generalist Advanced Skills Training Introductory Workshop: Obstetrics & GynaecologyFive-day workshop

Completion requirements

To receive Prevocational Pathway certification, you must:

achieve a pass rate of 80 percent for each online module

provide certificates of completion for all three workshops

Please note that you must also complete a mandatory survey to receive your certificate.


Please note that this training fee does not include workshop costs. The training fee is payable at the time of application in Australian dollars (AUD), and is not subject to Australian GST.

Instructions for payment are included on the Prevocational Pathway application form — please see the Apply section above.

Prevocational Pathway (PVP) Training Fee
One-time course fee


For more information, please contact the Prevocational Pathway coordinator at: