Fellowship of RANZCOG specialist training

RANZCOG is proud to offer the only pathway to specialist qualification in obstetrics and gynaecology in Australia and New Zealand — the Fellowship of RANZCOG training program.


The FRANZCOG training program involves 276 weeks (six years) of hospital-based training and assessment. Training is divided into two components: 184 weeks (four years) of Basic Training, followed by an additional 92 weeks (two years) of Advanced Training.

Basic Training includes:

rotation through a minimum of two different hospitals, with at least 46 weeks in a hospital other than your ‘home’ or ‘base’ hospital, and 23 weeks in a rural hospital

logged clinical work in obstetrics and gynaecology resulting in attainment of prescribed competency levels in specified procedures

utilisation of resources through the RANZCOG e-learning platform

formative and summative assessments, including three-monthly appraisals and six-monthly assessment reports

experience in gynaecological oncology

Advanced training involves completion of relevant advanced training modules (ATMs), and a focus on:

extending your expertise in obstetrics and/or gynaecology

developing your research expertise

developing your experience in areas of special interest

Please note that you cannot progress to Advanced Training until you have satisfactorily completed all Basic Training requirements.


To learn more about the application steps, or to submit your online application form, please see our FRANZCOG Trainee Selection page.


To apply for the FRANZCOG training program you must be qualified in Medicine and Surgery, with a primary degree issued in Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand, or from an approved international institution.

If you’re accepted into the FRANZCOG training program, your training cannot commence until you have:

completed postgraduate year 2 (PGY2) or above

secured an accredited training position

obtained prospective approval of your training position from RANZCOG

Course content

The Curriculum and Handbook documents below provide more information on the FRANZCOG training program administration and curriculum.

Please note that the FRANZCOG Curriculum (4th edition) has been released for Year 1 trainees commencing in 2024.

To learn more about the new FRANZCOG curriculum, please watch our pre-recorded webinar:


A framework to guide the training and practice of specialist O&G trainees commencing after 1st February 2024.


A complete Basic and Advanced Training resource for trainees.


All training and examination fees are payable in Australian dollars (AUD), and are not subject to Australian GST.

Application & Selection
FRANZCOG Selection Application Fee
Submit with application
FRANZCOG Selection Interview Fee
One-time fee, payable at offer of interview
FRANZCOG Annual Training Fee
Due 31 January annually
FRANZCOG Written Examination
Payable when registration confirmed
FRANZCOG Oral Examination
Payable when registration confirmed
Elevation/ Certification
Fellowship Elevation Fee
Payable after Board approval


Trainee selection

For enquiries about the FRANZCOG trainee selection process, please contact: trainee_selection@ranzcog.edu.au.

General enquiries

For general enquiries about the FRANZCOG training program, please contact: training@ranzcog.edu.au.